Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday morning, AB and I set out for my Granny’s house. Last week I worked at getting all my Fall stuff put out around our house, and I knew that Granny would want hers out, too!

We spent the morning with Granny, got all of her fall stuff put out, and even chased a “skink” (a snake looking lizard…Heather, I thought of YOU!) out of the house. It was a morning, for sure! Ha… After all our fun, we headed back home so little miss could take her much needed nap.

That afternoon, I went to the freezer to get some peas out to start for supper.

When I pulled the bag out, I smiled so big…not because Acre peas are one of my favorites, but because of the little writing I saw…2010-09-13_14-23-16_662 If you look close, you’ll see those precious little scribbles.

It reminded me of the pictures I took of AB when we were “putting up peas” this summer.

The garden was a huge chunk of my childhood. I spent countless summer days there with my parents and grandparents. I helped pick vegetable after vegetable and even used to cry when it was time to go back. Ha! My Papa would make me and Beau “Squash Flutes” to play on the way home as we rode in the back of the truck and sang “Yellow Submarine”… So many sweet memories and so many lessons learned in those gardens. I am forever grateful for both…even if at the time, I HATED (the picking part, not the squash flutes!) it.

When DW and I bought our first house, we planted a garden behind it. Two years in a row, actually. He worked so hard in it, and we enjoyed what little vegetables the deer left for us. It didn’t take us long to retire from planting our own garden, but we happen to have lots of family who still plant and share their gardens!

This year, I was just plain sorry, yall, and didn’t pick the first pea. I am blessed enough, though, to have a momma & Daddy who know how much I love them, so they picked us a few buckets and we all sat and shelled them one afternoon. I put those in the freezer, but still wanted to put up a few more. So, when my FIL asked if we wanted some from Rogers, the answer was a quick, “yes!” Rogers is a farm in a neighboring town that grows hundreds of acres of peas and they have a giant pea sheller, so when you buy from them, the peas are already shelled. I enjoyed visiting the farm in July, talking with Mrs. Rogers and seeing that huge pea-sheller!

AB got to help me put up the peas we got from Rogers. We blanched them on the stove just like my Granny always did and when they were cooled, I bagged them up. AB got to do what used to be my job---write on the bags! DSC_0107 I remember always drawing pictures for my Granny and writing, “I love you” on each bag, along with the date and contents.

Something tells me Granny loved pulling those bags out of the freezer and seeing my notes as much as I loved getting AB’s yesterday.



Who would have thought a bag of peas would be so much fun? Or bring back so many sweet memories? (Not to mention taste so good with a big ole piece of cornbread, too?!?!?) :)



Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love it when things come full circle! Puttin' up peas when you were a girl and now puttin' up peas with your little girl...so special! Acre peas are my favorite and I love Rogers farm! I took D there last spring to pick strawberries and I have so many sweet memories from that day...which I blogged about! I love having a blog so that I can journal our comings and goings! :)

Lyndsay said...

Such a sweet post Annie. Boy did I have a love/hate relationship with the garden too!! I always like writing messages on the bags and I love that AB does also.

Heather said...

Love the shout out about the lizard! HA!! I may end being a lizard killer one day, notice I said kill not catch!! :) Love this!
I love anything to do with preparing veggies, and those peas look so good!! I have so many memories doing this with my mom and dad and getting them from my grandpa's farm, ah the good ol' days!! Love that you journaled about this!!

Crystal said...

I don't mind the shelling, but I HATE the picking!! That last picture of AB is adorable! MMMM...those pea pics make me want to go get some out of the freezer right now!!

The Marino Family said...

I love me some peas. We already ate all the peas that we had picked in July. Let me know the next time someone goes out to the Rogers place. AB looks precious on the counter with her little apron on.

Stephanie said...

Awww that is so sweet!!! What a sweet surprise!

Jana said...

Ok so I have to be honest, I DESPISE peas!!! The only reason I clicked on it was because in the picture on my dashboard it looked like it said "Acne Peas" I thought "Oh Lord, what is the story behind that?" HA!

Charon Benton said...

Let me tell ya, I hate picking peas, but I "shore" do like eatin' 'em!!!! YUM!!! We have a family garden, so all our peas come from that, but mmmm....I can taste them now! So sweet that AB got to write on the packages! What a sweet story!

Seizing My Day said...

Heart smiling post!! I love fresh peas from the garden!~ I love love passing on fun traditions like that with my kiddos too! She is so so sweet sitting there on the counter with all those bags and peas! You seem to capture All your fun moments with your camera!! =) I go in phases... seemingly not getting nearly as much as I would like!