Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Downtown Disney

On Sunday, as soon as church was over, we headed home to eat a quick lunch and change clothes. We had big plans that afternoon. We had told AB we were taking a little trip, and she was SO excited!

Not as excited as me, though.

These guys DSC_5220were in Orlando on a Disney trip with the rest of their family and we had planned to meet up for dinner on Sunday night!

Would we drive two hours there and two hours back all in the same afternoon to spend two hours with these guys? Absolutely! I’d walk to Orlando to get to see Steph! :) She is after all, the very closest thing I have to a sister. When I think of my life’s biggest, happiest, saddest, and even most defining moments, she’s right there in all of them. Living half the country away from someone is sure to make you appreciate the little time you do get to see them. DSC_5243

We hadn’t introduced her to Maybree yet either, so that was a must. :)DSC_5246

We walked around Downtown Disney and AB was so excited to see all the Mickey & Minnie stuff! Bless her heart, it almost felt like we were teasing her, by taking her to Downtown and not on into the actual park! She kept looking for the Princesses, and she was certain we’d run into Belle. At one point she told us we needed to find “one of those FastPasses, and go see Belle.” Ha… She’s got quite the memory! DSC_5251

We stopped in the Lego World store, and she loved seeing Woody! DSC_5212She also got her first Lego set. It’s so cute and I love that they make Legos for girls now! So fun.

We had dinner at The Rainforest CafĂ©. DSC_5226AB liked all of the monkeys and elephants, but she could do without the “rain storm” that happened every 30 minutes. DSC_5227Dinner was good and it was nice to get to catch up with Steph & Henry for a little bit.

We made a stop in the Disney shop, of courseDSC_5286…and AB chose a prize… a Minnie Mouse hat. DSC_5235

No meeting is complete without a big group picture, and the perfect spot was with the Lego family:


We said our goodbyes to Steph, Henry & Mickey Mouse and we’re hoping to see all of them again SOON! :)



Immeasurably More Mama said...

These are all great pics! We ate at T-Rex last month and Dillan was not a fan of the "meteor shower" every 30 minutes.

Carrie said...

Steph looks so good! And the girl are sweetness in their matching outfits! Glad yall had fun (rain storms and all)