Sunday, November 11, 2012

Orange & Blue

It’s been a gator weekend around our house!

We’ve taken part of lots of Gator festivities to celebrate UF’s Homecoming 2012.

Friday, I decided to take the girls to the parade. I’ve never even been, and thought this was the year to start. I called Stephanie, who goes every year to find out where I should park and had planned to follow them. In the meantime, though, I had also talked to my friend, Mandi, who was taking her boys and since I was already in Gainesville, I decided to park where they did and watch the parade with them.

The parade was LOOOONG. We had a good time, though, and the kids enjoyed (most of) it.

I will say if we go again, I will get there early enough to be able to sit on the curb – standing for close to two hours is for the birds. Ha.

I only got a couple of pics on my phone, because I held Mamie the whole time. My right arm is officially bigger than my left now. photo

It was great to meet Mandi’s sister, Nikki, and her girls, who are adorable, and get to spend some time visiting with Mandi and the D’s. Thanks for letting us crash your time, girls! :)

Friday night was Gator Growl. This year, we’d heard that it was really family friendly- plus, Josh Turner was going to be there. AB is REALLY into music right now and DW thought she might love getting to go to a “concert”, so we decided to take her.

My parents came over to keep Mames while we took AB on a little date. :)

Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen came with us, too, and we got a quick dinner before. Of course AB chose Sonny’s… as always. Good thing we like tea & BBQ, too. :)

Gator Growl was lots of fun and AB did great.2 She was really funny during the skits when everyone would laugh, she would laugh really loud, too, even though she had no clue what they were talking about. :)7

She loved getting to see Albert & Alberta, again, the cheerleaders and the band. (She said that was her favorite part, along with the main event…

Josh Turner!

When he started playing, she stood up and told her Daddy that she needed to take her jean jacket off, because she had to dance.

It was a fun night for sure. It’s hard to believe she’s old enough to start doing “big people” stuff with us! :)1


This was taken after Growl, on the way out- (and even though I look terrible- I was having a heck of an allergy attack- I can’t help but love it…look at AB’s sweet face, massive grin and chubby hands wrapped around our necks. Precious.)


Saturday was Game Day! DW had promised to take AB to another game this year and he had  planned to take her to either the Homecoming game or next week’s. Since the weather was so great, he decided to take her to homecoming. 5

I knew her Aunts would be there to be on call for the potty, so we weren’t worried about me not going to the game with them. (Mames and I stayed home and made a little trip to the Hobby Lobby). 3

The Homecoming 2012 Crew – Pappy, AB, DW, Amber, Warren, Elliot, Van, Kelsey, Lauren & Adam

We got the crew sent off and they headed to Publix to get subs for the tailgate. (Nen introduced AB to Bubble Tape there, too…and she came home with a roll in her backpack…she told me she “had bubble gum almost as tall as Daddy” and I could “measure wif it” – I’m accredting this to Nen, too, who is a teacher through and through.)

Lauren texted me this insta-collage before the game: IMG_7669

Warren & AB, Kels & Lauren, & AB with Nen


AB had such a good time at the game and DW said she did really good. He said she did drive him crazy the whole first quarter wanting cotton candy, though. The guy never came by, so during the second quarter, he had to break down and take her to find some. :)  She sat by her Pappy & Aunt Kels for part of the game and then in between her Uncle Van & DW for most of it. 6

I listened to most of the game on the radio while we were out and the Gators were playing so terrible, that I wasn’t so sure that it was the best game for AB to have gone too… I was hoping she didn’t come back with any new “vocabulary” words. :)  DW said when it got intense in the last quarter, that she was doing the “Come on Gators” cheer as loud as everyone else. Adorable.

When I asked her what her favorite part of the game was, she said the cheerleaders and the band. But I’m pretty sure she loved it all.

Orange and Blue memories at their best!



Lauren said...

Some times an orange and blue weekend is needed!

Carrie said...

What a fun weekend! I love all the orange and blue. And I'm only slightly jealous that you got to shop Hobby Lobby with just one child in tow :) Ha!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

LOL! When I told H that DW took AB to the game he said the same thing! "I hope she doesn't learn any new vocabulary." :)
The parade was LONG but we had glad y'all joined us. We got there a little earlier the one other I've we went and we sat on the curb then. I agree, standing is for the birds!