Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phone Photo Dump….

I almost always have our “big” camera with me, but there are so many things about “everyday” life that I use my phone to take pictures of.

Since it’s the little everyday things that are really the big things, I figured it was time for a photo dump…

Our niece, Taylor, is a middle school cheerleader this year. We made it to her last game a couple Mondays ago and loved getting to see her cheer! The other game we went to got rained out. AB thinks Taylor is the coolest girl ever. We all think she’s pretty great. :)  AB tells Taylor that she’s her best friend. :) Mamie was especially excited to see Tay cheer…she kept jumping and yelling, too! It will be fun to see if either (or both) of our girls cheer one day. I cheered for a couple years, but I am sure the only reason I made it was because I had a loud voice and could paint cute run-thrus…I have NO coordination and cannot dance AT.ALL.


Wednesday night of that same week, was our night to cook for family supper at church. We did a chili bar. It was 90 degrees, so I decided to take a few of my pumpkins to put on the food table…My thinking was it would be easier to eat chili if it looked like Fall, even if it didn’t feel like it. That’s Kellee, Lauren, Kelsey and Mamie and me with my lunch-lady gloves. 17

Cattlemen’s meeting at the lodge. I love the picture of Van & Elliot slicing the meet before dinner… 1


I’m so not a pet person. But after lunch and dinner every day I wish we had a little dog to clean up the mess under Mamie’s high chair…


AB woke up with a little stomach bug one morning a couple weeks ago. DW had an appointment in town, so I had him pick her up some Pedialyte on his way back to work.... He picked up a few other surprises, too, for his sick baby girl and her momma who was taking care of her. :)  This was SO something my own Daddy would have done, which made it even sweeter.


AB has joined the children’s choir at our church. She LOVES to sing and loves music. So far she’s loving it… her favorite is getting to play the instruments…


She also sang with the choir in church two Sundays ago. She had only been to one practice and I didn’t think she would do it, but she did. She sang along and even did the motions! We were so proud of her! The song was called “There’s no refund on Salvation.” She has busted out singing it (LOUD) at the most random times over the past couple of weeks…I’ve gotten some pretty funny looks at the grocery store. :)


Maybree has discovered the kitchen in the playroom and LOVES it. She loves to stand up and pull as many toys down as she can. None of my good organization efforts are safe anymore.


AB’s favorite thing these days is playing Barbie's. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love playing with her. She’s chosen Barbie as the theme of her 4th birthday party and we’ve – I mean SHE’S got her eye on a few new Barbie play sets to add to her wish list. :) 


Last weekend was the GA-FL Game. No need to get into scores or any of that… The best part was getting see my cousin, Amy & Gabe during half time, even if they were wearing red and black. Two things about the pictures below: Adam & Lauren did not go to jail at the game and my head is not three times bigger than DW’s in real life. Maybe two, but not three.


I brought the princess tent in the living room one morning last week for the girls to play…AB dressed up as Tangled and told Mamie she could be Pasqual. (Tangled’s pet chameleon.)


On Monday nights after dance class, we eat at my parent’s house. AB always puts in her request of what she wants Grammy to cook. This was last Sunday night when they were on the phone talking about Monday’s dinner and I couldn’t get over how grown up she looked sitting there.


Maybree had her 9 month well check visit on Friday morning. (We’re a little late, since she’ll be 11 months on the 15th) – BUT… She’s in the 85th percentile for height & 10th for her weight… She is up to 17 lbs. now, though!


On our way home from her appt, we stopped at Publix and picked up some pizza dough and peppadew and made homemade pizza for dinner. AB loved it and it was seriously so good! Definitely a fun Friday night at home and something we will be doing again. Next time, though, we’ll have to plan ahead better so Adam & Nen can eat with us- because seriously this pizza was a lot like our favorite one at Blue Highway.


Saturday we had a shopping day with my mom while DW was at the gator game. We shopped for AB some new jeans and clothes for Fall and then had lunch at the Olive Garden. Mames enjoyed having some Fettuccini Alfredo…


This morning was Sunday School and church. Afterward, we went to lunch at Outback and then DW made the mistake of asking AB what she wanted to do this afternoon… Her idea of a good time is going to Toys-N-Us (that’s what she calls it) and looking around. She sat in the Barbie car, took a stroll down the Barbie doll isle and tested out a few big girl bikes. Her idea of a perfect afternoon! I’d have to agree, it was pretty good.




Lauren said...

love the bike and your girl riding it!!

Arielle said...

1. I love that AB wants a Barbie party. Are you doing their parties together this year?:) 2. I love Amy's husbands name, Gabe! 3. I saw that pic of Mamie of instagram and LOVE it!

Carrie said...

I loved reading this catch up on what's been going on! October was CRAZY, but fun :)

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...
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Mary said...

I so need to do this with the photos from my phone! Great recap.

Anonymous said...

this was just full of sweetness and goodness... i have to say that the "i cant dance" statement is WRONG !!! we have proved that!! i need to know the names and addresses of the people giving my precious AB crazy looks while she sings, Barbies ROCK and this is my favorite blog in a long time!!!!! thanks for making me smile so very big!!!! :) nie-nie