Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

This year’s Trick or Treat was one of the most fun yet!

AB is at prime age for holiday fun. She gets so excited about everything and she’s so much fun to do things with/for!

When deciding what she wanted to dress up as this year, she was set on being a purple fairy. (Purple being her favorite color and all) :)  When the Pottery Barn Kids fall catalog came a couple months ago, she carried around for three days showing me the purple fairy costume. I agreed with her, it was beautiful, but for $89.00, I just couldn’t see justifying it. A couple weeks before our pumpkin party I found a purple fairy costume on sale at Cracker Barrel for $14.99! PERFECT! I added a couple things to it, and we picked up some cute wings from Target…made a wand and added a butterfly to her treat bucket and she was set…all for under $30.00!


Of course Mames is as precious as ever, too, but she could have taken or left her piggy costume…she wasn’t too impressed with dressing up just yet. Her day is coming, though, I am sure.

Big sister, though, took her role as a purple fairy very seriously. DSC_4072She learned how to walk sideways into rooms so her wings would get caught in the doorways…and how to get them untangled out of everything from my scarf to bushes and haybales!

I think the wand I made for her confused her a little, because she kept going around saying, “Abbra Caddabbra” – She was more of a magician/fairy. :)

The girls took great naps yesterday afternoon and woke up just in time to get their costumes on and get ready for the big night! DSC_4117

Grammy and Pop came over and as soon as Daddy got home from work, we headed to town.

Pappy had gotten our trailer situation all lined up and made sure we had a hay ride. DW got the four wheeler all cleaned up (we didn’t want to drag any of our dried up cow poop to town with us) and parked it with the trailer at Van’s house in town earlier.

This year it was just us, my parents and Amber & Warren on our trailer. William & Stephanie went with us last year, but with the babies all being mobile this year, they decided it would be easier to walk and pull the babies in the wagon.DSC_4142

It’s so fun trick or treating in town…everyone has their trailers or trucks loaded down with kids and then there’s just lots of other people walking down the streets. Most of the people we passed we knew and it’s just that sweet small town feeling. Love it. DSC_4144


This year the weather was cool, too, which to me, made it even better!


After getting our fill in town, we headed home and made a couple of stops along the way…

Including, of course, Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen’s house…DSC_4160


We came back to our house and Momma had brought a pot of sausage and potato soup and pigs-in-a-blanket for supper. AB especially loved the “piggies”. :)DSC_4164

The girls got lots of treats, (I kind of wish they didn’t get SO MUCH GOOD candy…since I’m eating most of their chocolate! I will need a major candy detox next week). They got sweet little beanie babies at Pappy & Nie-Nie’s house, along with candy bags, DSC_4183and when AB got home last night and was surveying her’s she said, (and I quote) - “Praise the Lord! Look at all them Hershey Bars Nie-Nie packed for me!” We’ve never been more certain that she is my child.

Pop, of course, loaded them down with their faves: DSC_4179


And while Mames was so excited about her yogurt puffs, nothing compared to her excitement for her first Dum-Dum…DSC_4173

Let me say, I had NOTHING to do with this one and I about had the big one when I walked into the living room to find her sitting there with a sucker in her mouth. I felt like we needed to fill her bottle with some Mountain Dew to wash it down. I bet some of yall are getting ready to call DCF right now. :) She, though, was beyond proud and it was hysterical to watch her with it…she would roll it from side to side and had it hanging out of the side of her mouth just like she was ten years old. She knew exactly what to do with it. Too funny. Much to her unhappiness, she didn’t get to finish it. Mean Momma. :)

Halloween is also my Granny’s birthday. She would have been 85 yesterday. Of course Granny was close in our thoughts all night. The corduroy blazer I had on, was hers. It’s so old and I wanted it because I remember her wearing it often when I was a kid. I never really planned on wearing it, but it was her birthday and it just felt right. My Mom was thinking along the same lines as me when she showed up with Granny’s signature witch’s hat to wear. I’m so thankful for sweet, sweet childhood memories and for the chance to get to make more with my own children. DSC_4170

All in all, Trick or Treat 2012 was SWEET!



Immeasurably More Mama said...

Granny's corduroy blazer looks good on you...especially with that scarf! The girls looked adorable too. :) I think Halloween night is the perfect time for Mamie to have her first Dum need for DCF to get involved. ;)

Arielle said...

HAHAHAHA I wish I could have heard her say that! Love. ... And Mame's so grown up looking! She has a certain (wise?!) look! Ha:)

Mary said...

Cute costumes, a fun time, and a hysterical comment by AB. Too funny.

Carrie said...

I am dying over Mamie and the sucker! Only because Whitt had his very first sucker this morning. He was raising such a fuss at the beauty salon while I was getting my hair cut, that I down and let him have a lollipop, when the hairdresser offered one. Rest assured, we're both Moms of the Year! Ha :)

AB and Mamie were adorable on Halloween. I'm so glad y'all had a good night of trick-or-treating and I LOVE that you wore Granny's blazer on her birthday. My heart is smiling at the sight.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I loved seeing y'all and waving!! We had a good time too! The girls are precious !

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! all i can say is Praise the Lord!!! enough said. :) nie-nie