Friday, November 16, 2012

Soccer Pups…

This year we had our first taste of the local youth league. DSC_3001We signed AB up for her first organized sport – Soccer Pups! She loved getting to be a part of the “team.”DSC_2990

The soccer pups didn’t have actual games, they just met once a week for “practice.” DSC_3070On Tuesday nights from 6:00-7:00, we got to watch all twelve of the four year olds warm up with jumping jacks, kick the ball down the field, and sometimes even into the goal, play red light-green light, have about three water breaks, and wrap it up with about 30 minutes of Duck-Duck-Goose, which was by no surprise, their favorite part! DSC_3282

It really was cute and it was fun for AB to have an hour each week of (some what) structured play with a group of kids her age. DSC_3033

All the soccer pups got their own jerseys and balls. DSC_3028

Willie was on the team with her, and Uncle William was the assistant coach, so it was fun seeing them every week. DSC_3058


We even had a professional picture night. DSC_3239

Hilarious- and yes, we paid the $24.00 for a group picture and a couple 5x7s of our girl. DSC_3047

I took the pictures above, I promise the one we paid for actually has all the kids looking in it. Ha.

One of my favorite things from the season, is when they’d all go in for a huddle and then put their hands in and yell “SOCCER PUPS!” They were so grown acting and just as cute as they could be!

While we’re on cute, here’s Mames sporting her soccer pup pride… I made AB a bow with soccer ribbon and our favorite soccer sister had to have a tiny soccer bow, too! mamessocer

One of AB’s favorite things about the whole deal was when it was our snack night. DSC_3292She thought she was big stuff passing out little waters and goldfish to all her teammates.

This past Tuesday was her last “practice,” so the crew wanted to come see her “play.” I’d been warning them all season that they didn’t really “play” – but they all insisted they still wanted to see her. soccer pups

AB & Her Fans

When little trophies were delivered mid-way through the practice, I was so glad they were all there. I didn’t know the kids were having an “awards night” and I would have had some serious explaining to do if they’d all missed AB getting a trophy! (Much less her FIRST one) :)


Coach Jason (who was great with all the kids) lined them all up and then called out their names. soccer pups2

AB’s cheering section made sure they yelled and clapped for all of the kids and I am pretty sure everyone thought our family was crazy. :) I like to think we’re just loud, loving , and encouraging….maybe a LITTLE crazy, too.

It was a fun 8 weeks and I can hardly wait until we are old enough for T-Ball! Yall know we are SO having T-Shirts printed up. “AB’s Mom” will be printed proudly on the back of mine, and I know I’ll be able to get Grammy, Nie-Nie, Kels & Lauren to sport them, too… Just wondering how I’ll get the guys in them…maybe we’ll just have hats made for them. Ha. :)



Carrie said...

Soccer Pups is adorable! I LOVE Annabelle in her soccer shirt with her foot propped up on the ball. She looks at least 10!

Kellee Whitehurst said...

soccer pups was the best thing i have seen in a while. kids playing sports and having fun... and i would have paid 100$ for pictures but that is just me :) you get the shirts and the guys will wear them... i can guarantee that!!! nie-nie has spoken.