Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be Mine…

My loves and I have been celebrating hearts day all month long! DSC_8276
AB loved waking up to a Valentine card every morning from her Daddy and me. 15Mames loved it, too, even though she didn’t really know what it was! :)
17We each picked out a box of Valentines (DW’s were Transformers and mine were Disney princesses) and starting February 1st, we wrote the girls a note each day telling them something we loved about them. We left them in their “big envewopes” as AB called them. 16 I made the knock-off Pottery Barn Kids chair-back envelopes back in January…both ideas were Pinterest inspired. :)
We made a Valentine tree one day for the playroom and then decided to add a few more “lovey” touches to it…AB is like her Momma and likes anything festive!! :)DSC_8752We’ve had several Valentine tea parties this month…1
AB looks for any excuse to host tea. :)
The week before Valentines, we started something that will hopefully be a monthly thing… brother/sister night with Van & Amber, Adam & Lauren, and Kelsey. DW and I have been wanting to designate a night every month that we try to get everyone together, and we finally made it happen. We had such a good time, and I couldn’t help myself- it was SO close to Valentine’s Day that we had to make it our theme. :) 13We played a fierce game of “Farkle” and although I’m usually as competitive as the rest of the crew, I was fine with Kels winning…it’s always fun to see a baby sister beat her big brother(s). (Must be the baby sister in me). 12My brothers-in-law didn’t even, though I’m sure they wanted to, kill me when I explained the last “activity” for the evening. I’d written everyone’s names on a card, then we all randomly chose one, and had to write something we love/or something encouraging to the person whose name was on the card we had drawn. 14I think I REALLY scared them all when I said we’d all hold hands and sing “Kum-bi-ya” afterward. Of course we weren’t going to do that, but it made the card writing not seem so bad for them after that.
They’re all such good sports, and while it seemed a little silly/awkward at first, I think in the end, it was sweet hearing something encouraging from someone else in the family. I know it was for me. I promised them next month no theme, no decorations and no love notes, so hopefully they’ll all come back! :)
Wednesday, we had our music time at the library and sang some valentine songs and read a Valentine story. That night, we had an Ash Wednesday service at church. DSC_8292How fitting that Ash Wednesday fall that close to Valentines Day! 316
Valentines Day morning we had a heart themed breakfast and had invited Stephanie and the boys over. 9After breakfast, we decorated heart shaped sugar cookies for a few of our peeps. It was definitely more like a little cookie and icing to go with the sprinkles, but the kids did them all by themselves. 8 7
For our Valentine dinner, we stayed home. The restaurants are all crazy busy and crowded that night and we’d rather not fight it, so we always cook a good meal at home. It’s a tradition we started with Cooper’s first Valentines Day, although this year was the first year we called it “fancy” – because when you’re a four year old girly-girl, “fancy” is really impressive! 4AB did call it our “China dinner” several times, too. She got so excited when I told her we were going to use our nice dishes to eat on and that it’s called “china.” I told her that her daddy and I got it when we got married. Anytime I say something about us getting married or about our wedding, she’ll come back with.. “that’s when I was in your’s tummy, right mommy?”  Um, not so much. :)
After our dinner, we  exchanged our Valentines. 5Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen came over to bring the girls their Valentines and get some kisses, too.
There were Valentine cards, treats and calls from the grandparents, too- One things for sure- we’re all loved from our head to our toes! 3
How fun to have a special day to celebrate the love we have for each other EVERY day!


Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3 :)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I seriously LOVE this whole post!! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! I love the homemade card holder, I love that you wrote Valentine's to the girls all month, I love that y'all got together with the brothers and sister!!! What wonderful ideas and treasured memories!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Your home is always so festive around holidays...I love it! I wanted to write valentines to the boys all month but it didn't happen this year. We do a cousin party on Valentine's Day too!

Mallory said...

You are such a wonderful Mommy! Love all of this!

Carrie said...

Too much cuteness to name in this fun re-cap! I love it all, especially Mamie's piggies and the fun family get-together. What a great idea. And I fell out over the mental picture of you all standing around in a circle, swaying and singing :) Now THAT I would like to see. Also, I have to note, how great is it that our girls can STILL fit in their Gymboree Valentine's dresses. Is this year 3?!