Friday, February 1, 2013

Random Phone Photo Dump…

Since I’m finally getting back in the swing of blogging, I’m going to do a photo dump from my phone… I’m pretty much in love with my I-Phone and have been since I got it in October. I’m one of those people though, who really don’t use it for all it’s meant for. I just love the camera on it…and Siri, who calls me, “Lady Whitehurst.”

Here’s AB’s drawing of a Cow. Which looks a little like a yellow devil. But I love it so much…


Best dessert I’ve had in a long time… A brownie on the bottom, Blue Belle ice cream, hot caramel sauce, fresh strawberries and home made whipped cream. It was worth every single calorie and was part of the best Friday night at home!


AB got a princess bat & ball for Christmas and she’s been practicing. She’s actually pretty good. We’re still debating on T-Ball this year or just waiting until next, though…


We’ve not had much cold weather, so when we do, we take full advantage. I left the girls all snuggly and warm in their jammies to go to the grocery store one cold morning. I would have never in a million years done this with Cooper or even just AB…I’m getting older, I guess…


Mames rocked her first pig tails… They’re tiny, but there…


& enjoyed her first rib bone… I was a nervous wreck with her holding that greasy thing while sitting in Nen’s upholstered dining room chairs!


Girly girls with their baby dolls…


As mentioned above, since we’ve not had much cold weather this year, we’ve been enjoying the beautiful weekends outside… We took a little drive over to Palatka to try a restaurant that DW’s uncle/aunt told us about, Corky Bells… They had me at cold ketchup… (It always worries me when restaurants leave the ketchup bottles on the table ALL the time… Hello, do the words REFRIDGERATE AFTER OPENING mean anything?) The food was excellent and the service was, too. We’ll definitely be visiting again. 18

AB’s also been loving the beautiful weather. She loves to get a towel and lay outside. I asked her one day what she was doing and she said, “just watching dem birds” ---


We did a pizza picnic at the park a couple Saturdays ago with Grammy & Pop. AB LOVES the “pizza park” … Since it’s at the Marjorie K Rawlings landmark, we decided to tour the house and grounds that day, too. Mamie loved the chickens…mk

Big girl…


I had a hair mis-hap just days before Christmas. It was terrible and seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I tried to touch up the roots on my highlights myself, but instead turned the whole top of my head an orangish blondish color. I called my Aubrey, my fantastic hair woman, and she put squeezed me in between two others to put in a few low-lights in to tone it down. Then on vacation, my SIL, Kristy did some more damage control. It’s still not back to normal, though…I’ve got to make a hair appt soon! I will NEVER try it again. LIKE EVER. (AB LOVES Taylor Swift). :)


(Left is before) – I really thought it was going to end up wonderful so I took a “before” picture… Yeah. That obviously didn’t work out.

Mamie is a climber. We’ve had to put away AB’s little desk that stays in the office beside mine because this is how baby girl likes to sit on it…


Allie Claire came over a few weeks ago and spent the day with us. AB was so excited to have a friend over and the girls had the best time just playing. We do lots of fun things together, but rarely do they get to just stay home and PLAY. They made some “projects”, played Barbies, dress up, and played outside, too!




We didn’t do much after-Christmas shopping this year, but we did make it over to Hobby Lobby…We went after New Years, so everything was marked 90% off, and pretty picked over, but we still managed to get a few things…since we were in Ocala, we called my SIL, Amber to have lunch with us.


We rode bikes with my parents last Sunday afternoon. We had the best time and I laughed so hard I almost fell off my bike when I tried to race Mom & Dad. I never knew it until then, but come to find out my Dad is a champion bike racer…Now he’s no Tour de France material, but he was in the top 3 for the neighborhood kids when he was little. :)


I could bite her with those big blue eyes and pig tails. 3She’s so rotten, but we just can’t help it. She’s stuck to me like glue and says “Maaa-Maaa” at least a thousand times a day – and it seriously makes me smile EVERY-SINGLE time.


And last – HOW is it ALREADY February 1st?!?!?!? At least it’s a Friday, that makes any day a little brighter! :)


Anonymous said...

these phone dumps do me in every time!!! love love love. i have the same picture of kels on our front sidewalk laying on a blanket with all her "friends"... oh the complete and utter joy of it all!!! i would really love to see Jackie in some bike shorts!! :) maybe black with some flames !!! :D

Mary said...

LOVE the pigtails. Reminds me of Tori at that age. Good times. Love your phone photo dumps. Always entertaining.

Paige Colson said...

1. Such sweet friends!
2. Its nice to know that mine is not the only climber.

Carrie said...

I love it ALL! The pictures of our girls, certainly, but also AB laying out on a towel in the front yard in JANUARY :) And Mamie's adorable pig tails! What did we do for entertainment before having children?!