Monday, February 25, 2013


The weekends always go by way too fast!

On Friday night, the girls and I met my mom for dinner and a little shopping at Hobby Lobby.

DW and his brothers left that afternoon when they got off work to go to Georgia to see their Mom. She’s been having a few health issues since Christmas and we haven’t seen her since then, so they went up to visit and check on her. They’re really good sons and excellent men. My MIL told DW that she started feeling better almost as soon as she got the call that they were coming up for a visit! Sometimes all a mom needs is to see her kids. Hopefully she’ll be feeling back to her normal self soon.

My Dad was out of town for work, so Momma just stayed the night with us, too. AB was excited to be having a “sweep over” “wif just the girls!”

On Saturday morning, we drove down to The Villages.4 I’ve always heard about the retirement community where there are actual parking spaces for the residents’ golf carts, but hadn’t ever been down there. It really is such a neat concept and a beautiful place. 7

6They have a town square complete with a beautiful church. 1All of the architecture has a Spanish feel and all matches. We were by far the youngest people there – as pointed out by an older couple who were dining on the patio of one of the restaurants we walked by – the man said, “Well hey, girls! Are yall enjoying this beautiful day??” when we smiled back and said we were, he made sure to tell my mom that she “still qualified as a girl, too.” – We went into Soma to look around and the sales lady got so excited because we had “little people” with us – and they “never see little people in The Villages!” Ha… We did stick out just a little. :)

Down from the town square, there are several shopping plazas with lots of great stores… I don’t think I’ve ever been in a TJ Maxx that was this clean and organized. They also have lots of restaurants and even though it’s not in the actual Villages, they still have golf cart parking so the nearby residents can drive their carts over. So fun! 2

We headed back home that afternoon with a very sleepy Mamie.5

DW made it home that afternoon around 5:30- he was gone right at 24 hours, but as AB told him, we still “missed hims a bunch!”

Sunday was church and then a lazy afternoon. That evening, my Mom came back over and kept the girls while DW and I went on a little date. We had dinner at Carrabba’s and then saw the new Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven. 3I cried through the whole thing and when we left DW said he was sure wishing we had read what the movie was about before we’d seen it. It was a good movie, though, and the suspense/drama part of it, I think made it a little more bearable for the men who got dragged to see it by their wives. :) I did make DW promise me on the way home that if something ever happened to me, and he got remarried, he wouldn’t let our kids call his new wife “Mom” – Yes, I have issues. The really crazy part is, this wasn’t the first time I’ve made him promise that. Ha. He was quick to tell me if something happened to me, I didn’t have to worry about him getting remarried. I ‘m telling myself it’s because I am truly the absolute love of his life and he couldn’t ever love anyone as much as me – but I’m pretty sure he’s just scared he’d get another crazy one.



Carrie said...

Mamie in polka dots and piggies is almost more than I can take! And I love that you girls went on an adventure. The Villages, is a little random, but an adventure none the less :) Ha!

Arielle said...

bahaha heck no I would be the same way about the mom thing and I have no children! And that book was so good, can't wait to see the movie!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I'm impressed DW went with you to see Safe Haven...he truly loves you. I read the book so H knew what it was about and there was no way, no how he was going to see it with me! He can be pretty stubborn when it comes to chick flicks. ;)