Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five…

1. Tuesday we had some pretty serious wind and rain blow through.4 There were tornado warnings and watches in our county and all of the surrounding area. The wind was so strong here, that it twisted the top out of one of our big pine trees in the backyard. 2It happened around 9:00 am, and both the girls slept through it all. When AB did wake up later that morning, she said, “WHAT is going on, Momma? Me and Daddy checked the ‘way-dar’ wast night and and it didn’t show rain, but now it’s raining and it woke me up!” – I don’t know what was funnier, the “whats going on” or the fact that she knows you check the radar to look at the weather. I guess it’s safe to say she’s seen her Daddy check the radar A LOT! :)

2. Guess who has hair?!?!? 9This is the tiny chia (like) pet that AB got last week. In case you’re confused, it’s a zebra…wearing tennis shoes. I know. Mom and I were wondering what the heck?, too. They planted it the day they got it and AB’s been taking care of it all week. After a little watering and some sunshine we have hair! She LOVES it and has tried to talk me into giving it pig tails.

3. We picked my Dad up from the airport on Wednesday night.3 He’d only been gone a week, this time, and actually flew home a couple days early. AB is a pro at the airport and thinks she has to be there every time Grammy goes to pick Pop up. Anytime they say goodbye, my Dad always asks her, “Annabelle, do you know something?” and she’ll say “Im’s your girl, Pop.” Well, Wednesday night he forgot to ask her before we left. A few minutes down the road, my cell phone rang…when I put her on the phone he said, “Annabelle, I forgot something!” She knew exactly what it was and said, “Im’s your girl, Pop!” Needless to say, Pop fits tightly on her pinky.

4. Meet “Carlota & Carlita” – the two newest members of our baby doll family. Carlota is the big one and she’s Annabelle’s, and Carlita is Mamie’s. 5These are what my Dad brought the girls from his trip this time. (He was in Mexico, again).  I think they’re so cute and they might be my favorite thing he’s brought them back so far. Mom and I were trying to think of Spanish names for them, and the only thing I could think of was, “Carlota” – which was my name for Spanish class in high school. Typically, our teacher, re-named everyone with the Spanish connotation of their own first time- but since mine would have just been “Ana,” she let me choose a different name. The first name I could think of was “Carlota” – who was Antonio and Christian Vega’s mother on One Life to Live. Nothing like choosing your name after a soap opera character. :)

5. THEY’RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!8 No Scarecrows or Christmas garland and bows hanging on the fence for this group to eat, though. Just some bright green rye grass which turns a delightful shade of brown on the driveway. :) We’re dodging the splatters and thankful for the rain that gave the driveway a good cleaning. Mamie loves to watch the cows out the window and has perfected her “Moo”- she’s so much different than Cooper and Annabelle about “doing tricks” – she could care less and rarely does anything when you ask her to “perform.” In fact, most of the time she’ll shake her head “no” and give you the tiniest grin. 10It makes me laugh and want to squeeze her. She keeps us hopping! :)

Happy Friday!



Immeasurably More Mama said...

"I'ms your girl, Pop." Such a sweet bond those two share. :)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

The weather was awful wasn't it? So glad we didn't have our melons in the ground!
Those little dolls from Mexico are precious!

Carrie said...

What is up with the 320 spam comments?! I love these Friday Five posts. They make me smile (well, except for the tree down!) I love the dolls you're dad brought back for the girls and Mamie refusing to do tricks :) I think she's been talking to Whitt!! And the chi pet? I haven't seen one of those in years :)