Monday, March 25, 2013

Year Five…

In March of 2009, AB and I drove up to Carrie’s in-laws’ chicken farm for our first annual pictures with the baby chicks. It’s a tradition that has stuck and on Friday, we took our 5th Annual Easter chick pictures.

A lot has changed in five years… ImageOur 3 and 5 month old are now big grown-up four year olds… (who apparently cross their legs like ladies these days.) DSC_9460

I wasn’t sure what Mamie would think of the chicks this year- since this was the exact age AB was when she was terrified of them…

AB – scared of the chicks in 2010

Mames liked them though, just from afar. :) She was glad to have a chair to sit in and even kept pulling her feet up so they wouldn’t touch her! Ha… DSC_9378


Turns out, I should have been worried about AB, who at first seemed to have her circa 2010 reaction…DSC_9373

Let’s zoom in on that face…DSC_9373

It wasn’t long though, before she was in on the chick holding action…DSC_9404

Allie was like she has ALWAYS been – first to grab one and last to let them go. DSC_9411She has loved squeezing a chick since before she could walk. It has to be some of that chicken-farmer in her DNA. This picture pretty much tells the whole story…DSC_9399

Allie is squeezing and loving that baby chick, while Mamie & AB are giving her the “you’re CRAZY, girl” look- and Whitt gives the Whitehurst girls the “who YOU calling crazy?” stare… :)

Like always, we tried lots of different ways to get a picture of the kids with the chicks – including putting them on their shoulders…


Whitt thought that was really funny…


So did Mamie who saw one on her sister - DSC_9571

Then I think she got worried one might be on her shoulder, too… so she just played it cool and looked away- hoping if she didn’t actually SEE it, that meant it wasn’t there…


It was though- so she hopped up and then tried to herd the chicks together. You can take the girl off the cattle ranch, but you can’t take the cattle ranch out of the girl…goes back to some things being genetic.


It’s always a fun day visiting the Mizell farm- Carrie has wonderful in-laws and we always love getting to see them a few times during the year. DSC_9621They’re sweet to let us come and terrorize (I mean love-on) their chicks year after year. DSC_9616

We always follow up chick pictures with lunch at the Chick-fil-A, and while it does seem a little wrong – it never stops us. We did forego our usual shopping after lunch for some play time at the park, though. It was a gorgeous day and besides, who in their right mind wants to go shopping with four kids?!?!? I’m not saying we’re NOT crazy, just not THAT crazy.



Lauren said...

you got some cute ones!!

Carrie said...

I have laughed SO hard at you talking for the kids! I'm glad we didn't have a fight on our hands, those Whitehurst girls look ready to bring it :) Ha! You got some great pictures, friend. We had such a fun day with y'all!

Mary said...

OMGoodness, your commentary is so funny. I laughed and laughed. Love all of the cute pics of the kids and chicks. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

my cheeks are hurting from grinning so big :D this was great and your words were hilarious!!!!! love this one A LOT !!! nie-nie :)