Monday, March 11, 2013

Then & Now…

Saturday was such a beautiful day! DW was gone all morning to a benefit shoot, but when he got home, we stayed in the yard for the rest of the afternoon.
I pulled out the bubbles for the girls –DSC_8825 I was excited to see what Mamie would think of them… she wasn’t too impressed…DSC_8839
I just knew she’d love them…maybe next time. :)
I remembered having pictures of her big sister playing outside when she was just a year old, wearing the exact same outfit…
DSC_0092 (2)DSC_8822
AB – THEN (March 2010)      &         Mamie – NOW (March 2013)
I laughed when I found the pic of AB because I even had Mamie’s hair fixed the same way. That wasn’t planned at all…
Saturday was Mamie’s first time getting to play in the yard since she started walking, so I wondered how she would handle walking in the grass, too. DSC_8882
She found out riding is easier when she tried out the four-wheeler for the first time…DSC_8958
She wants to do everything her sister does, so of course she had to join her on the swing set. DSC_8892
 She liked the swing more than the bubbles for sure...
Seeing them swinging together made me wonder when this girl DSC_0048 (2)
AB – THEN – March 2010
turned into this one…DSC_8861
AB – NOW – March 2013


Arielle said...

it sure does! AB looks so grown, aaaa. And Mamie looks just like her in that picture to me! With their own perfect different distinct looks:)

Kellee Whitehurst said...

the biggest difference i see is that i love AB even more now than then...didn't think it was possible but it is...big love for these two precious girls and their extroidinary brother. :)