Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break…

Spring Break is this week, but since we’re not in school yet, it really doesn’t mean anything to us… except that AB’s dance studio was closed this week, too.

Our girl did know, though, that it was Spring Break. Last week during dance her teacher told them that they would be closed because of Spring Break and asked if they had any big plans. Apparently, AB thought some of the other girls’ plans sounded like fun, so she came home asking what we were going to do for spring break. She even got specific and asked if we could go to a water park. (I’m guessing someone at dance said they were doing that for Spring Break).

We didn’t make any water park or big plans, but we did plan to spend a day with Aunt Nen while she was off for the week, too. We decided Tuesday would be a good day since we were going to have our nephew Warren that day.

Lauren and I planned to take the kids to the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. I haven’t been to the museum in YEARS (since before it was moved to it’s current location). The butterfly rainforest was added several years ago, but we hadn’t been to even see it yet.4

It was so cold when we got there yesterday, that we decided to skip the butterflies and just do the inside part of the museum. I was a little worried about taking the kids to a museum- but it ended up being so fun for them. 5Warren and AB both loved it. There were big fossils, fun tables set up where the kids got to do hands-on things, giant shark teeth, dioramas, re-creations of lots of Florida’s outdoors – including an ocean walk through with giant fish replicas! 2

There were caves to climb through, a beach with moving fiddler crabs, and even a teepee with Indians having a rain dance complete with thunder and lightening – this was a little on the scary side and left Nen repeating “they’re not real people- this is just pretend..”  - By the third time she said it, I realized she was saying it just as much for herself as for the kids. Ha. 3

We explored all of the different areas and ended the visit with a stop in the Discovery Room. It was perfect for all three of the kids – Even Mamie got in on the action! The big kids got to dig for fossils, do puzzles, look at x-rays, and even make pretend butterflies float through the air, while Mamie got to climb a few steps to slide down a tiny slide. 1

I was seriously impressed with the museum and the kids had a great time. Even Warren (who that morning said he didn’t want to go) talked about how much fun it was. I love finding fun things to do with the kids that are close to home. 6

After the museum, we had lunch and then went on a big exciting trip to the grocery store – because what is Spring Break without a trip to the Publix??? :)


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Carrie said...

What a fun trip to the museum, for everyone but Warren, who does not look thrilled in that last picture :) For some reason, this post reminded me of our "visit" to the art museum in college. Remember that? I think it was for our music appreciation class. What the heck were WE doing in that class, other than passing notes!? Ha!