Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Georgia Visit

My cousin/sister/for-real life-long BFF, Stephanie, came home from England for the summer. I let Georgia and everyone there have her for the entire trip, except for this past weekend when we planned a visit to see her before she heads back across the pond. 

Mom, Dad, me and the girls headed out Thursday afternoon. We planned to have a good two days of being there so we could get in visits with all of our favorite Georgians. 

We got to Aunt Kay's around 8:30 that evening. The girls and I stayed there and mom & dad went to Beau & Kristy's. 

Friday morning, "Tettie" (who was just ours all weekend, since Henry was having a weekend with some of his friends) picked us up and we headed for Cleveland- home of the Cabbage Patch Kids & Babyland General Hospital.
 I can't tell you how many times we visited the old hospital when we were kids. We took AB to the new one a few years ago, but she didn't remember it. I knew both the girls would love it and they did. 

We toured the nursery, styled doll hair in the salon, and  played in the Babyland Boutique... 

Finally, it was time to gather around the big tree
to see "Mother Cabbage" deliver her baby...
of course that was after a large dose of "imagicillin" and an "easy-otomy"! 

This was the first time we've ever been and there be a male doctor on-call.
He was great though and played the part so well.
He took the baby to the nursery for her check up and then let the little visitors hold her. 

After all that excitement, I let the girls get a little something to take home. DW told me to get them something small & to not come home with any of those (and I quote) "creepy dolls".... I wonder if this baby falls into that category??  
The soft faced originals really are kind of scary- but the plastic face ones are so cute. I love a CPK doll.
They came out in 1983, which was a great year to be born. ;)

My first Cabbage Patch baby came from Babyland and I think on our next visit, we'll let the girls adopt their first ones, too. This time it was tiny dolls and a puzzle that got picked, though. 

After all the fun of Babyland, we met Aunt Kay, Becky & Amy for some lunch. That afternoon, we went by Beau's and got our Garrett, who was having a fit to see his Annabelle!! She was pretty excited to see him, too! :)

Friday night, we all met up at Beau & Kristy's house for supper and some boiled peanuts & homemade ice cream.
My mom boiled the peanuts of her life that night. They were perfect.
It was such a great night and I loved seeing and hearing all of the kids running around playing together. 
It was sweetness. 

That night, the girls were all going to come back to Aunt Kay's to spend the night. The power went out and we had to sit around with candles burning, but that didn't stop the little girls from doing nails...

Saturday we spent the day with Steph again- running some errands and then we went through Aunt Kay's attic to add to my "bring home" pile. Her house is seriously like a magazine and I was happy to take some "treasure" off her hands! :)  (my dad on the other hand wasn't too happy about all the loot we had to strap down and haul 400 miles home!) He did it, though, bless his heart. :)  
AB got to spend the day with Amy & Anna and had the best time playing at their house. :)

Saturday night, we went to a Family night Festival in town because Beau had gotten a bunch of tickets through his work. The kids got to ride rides and I had my eye on a funnel cake, but the line was too long.
The kids all had a great time. What is it about kids and carnie rides? They're crazy about them. :)

Saturday night, AB spent the night with my parents at Beau's. We hit the DQ drive thru on our way back to Aunt Kay's and did you know the little chocolate pieces in the new S'mores blizzard say "DQ" on them like a Hershey bar? Super cute...
Steph & I challenged Katie & Lindsey to some old cousins vs. the young cousins games... A few rounds of Headbandz and Catch Phrase had us laughing for sure! 

Sunday we said our goodbyes, which still to this day always leave me tearful. 

It's always precious to see those we love so much-- and I wouldn't have missed seeing my Steph before she heads back to England for anything. 


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