Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mickey on Mother’s Day…

We had one day left on our Disney tickets, so we decided that Mother’s Day would be a good day to use them.
Usually, we try to come up with something to do on that day, since it’s just not one of my favorite days…
It turned out to be a really good day. 
We left around 7:00 for Hollywood Studios and the crowd couldn’t have been any better. 13The weather was warm, but there was a good breeze and for the most part it was really nice for a mid-May day in Florida. (On a side note, I am so glad this is the last time I’ll have to do Disney pregnant!) :)
We really didn’t have any expectations for the day and I didn’t even bring our big camera. I just used my IPhone to take pictures. It was so laid back and I think that made it an even more enjoyable day.
When we got to the park, cast members were handing our flowers to all the moms. Our girls were glad to take mine and Grammy’s off our hands. (They, especially Mamie, love flowers.)
We saw a couple characters…20
Then we saw the Disney Junior Live on stage… it wasn’t what I thought at all. I thought it was the big characters, but really its puppets… and you sit ON.THE.FLOOR criss-cross for the 25 minute show. 2Big Momma here did not think I was going to be able to walk when we finally got up. Ha… It was cute though, and Mamie LOVED it. 3So of course it was worth it.
Another highlight for the girls was getting to see Sophia the First…23
We opted for the “Great Movie Ride” next, where I knew we’d be sitting on a bench in the A/C for a while. ;) 35
Up next we grabbed a snack and then saw The Little Mermaid show. 15We were on the front row, so right in on the action. I was worried Mamie might be scared of big ole Ursula that up close and personal. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 16She LOVED her and kept waving and saying “Hey! Urs-u-la!” That’s our Mamie… she cries when I go through the car wash and says its scary, but she loves Ursula.
We saw the two Main Mice…
Mames was excited to see Mickey and said, “he’s got on a party hat!”
After we got some lunch, we did the Star Wars ride. 8AB was tall enough, so they all went on it while Mamie & I waited in the shade. (Expecting Moms cant ride). This is how Mames (who isn’t tall enough) felt about missing out: 17
My parents (who had to take off their 3-D glasses during the ride) said they’d gladly sit out next time, too. Ha. But AB loved it. They said she laughed and screamed the whole ride.
We did the Muppet 3D show next…18
and then wrapped up the day by doing the Backlot Tour.11 I considered it a little smile from my God when I saw all of these dump trucks in the prop building.12 Dump trucks were our Cooper’s thing and it’s always sweet to see something that he would love.
The girls loved the bus tour and weren’t even scared during the action-movie scene demo. 14
We finished the day at the gift shop where the girls spent their Disney money on a Jake Spyglass and a Sofia Amulet, along with getting charms for their bracelets.9 This trip AB chose a Minnie Mouse mirror (we saw Minnie this trip in her dressing room) and Mamie chose Cinderella. DW saw the stuffed “Bullseye” horse and decided that baby brother needed it (and he picked one up for Parker, our newest nephew, too!) :)
It was a good day- and I’m sure thankful for the small herd (it’s starting to feel like that…ha) of children I get to be Momma to. ;)

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