Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pre-K Program/Awards

Yesterday morning was AB’s Pre-K Program and Awards at school.

All three of the Pre-K classes gathered on the big stage to sing songs and get their certificates. This was a BIG deal to our girl. :)DSC_0647

All of the classes started by singing one song together, which was “Start this Day.”

After the opening song, all the classes received their certificates from their teachers and each student had their moment in the spotlight. DSC_0661


To wrap it up, each class had prepared a song and dance for the parents. DSC_0684

Our class sang “Going on a Jungle Hunt” – complete with safari glasses and hats. They were adorable. DSC_0692

Mamie was slightly disappointed that they didn’t sing “Frozen” – she kept saying, “Thems sing Frozen?”  She also thought Mickey Mouse was going to be behind the big curtain, but it was just her sister and the other Pre-Kers. :)  Mamie did clap loud at the end and yell a “YAY!!! Ann-Bell!” at the end of the program, though.

After the awards, we were invited back to the classroom to celebrate with breakfast. DSC_0725

AB with her teachers

In the room, Ms. L, presented each student with an award of their own.DSC_0708 Awards were everything from most enthusiastic singer, leadership, math, science, art, etc…  She took a minute to talk about each student and their accomplishments and it was really sweet. AB got the “Excellence in Reading” award. She is doing so good with her reading (and writing) and we are super proud. She’s so excited about learning to read and she wants to read EVERYTHING around us all the time. Kindergarten is going to be such fun for her.

She was happy to have Daddy, Mamie, Grammy & Nie-Nie all come, too, to see her program and celebrate!




It was a sweet morning to mark the end of our Pre-K year. Hard to believe it’s almost over!


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