Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter Week 2014

Just like Christmas did, Easter snuck up on me this year. I don’t know how considering it seemed really late on April 20th.

This was the first year that I didn’t pull out one single Easter decoration. As I put away the girls’ baskets Sunday night, I told DW this was the easiest holiday clean up ever. Things have been crazy around our house and I’m learning to let a lot of things go.

We did have a great Easter, though.

We celebrated the whole week.

Palm Sunday was first. Here’s the girls at home before church that morning. 1

Palm Sunday is always special and sweet at our church. The children march in with the palms and its always precious. 2

After church, we do lunch and then an egg hunt. The children also wear their Easter bonnets and usually have a little parade. 14



After seeing these recent pics of myself I feel the need to answer the question I am sure everyone is wondering…No, I have no idea how my face and belly are going to get any bigger. August 1st seems a LOOOOONG way away. I’ve done it three times before, so I know it’s possible. ;)

AB’s best school buddy, Emma, invited us over after school on Wednesday to have lunch and dye eggs. 10Nobody loved it more than Mamie… who also sampled the pink sparkle dye. In her defense, it did look like punch. 11

Thursday, was AB’s class egg hunt. Mamie & I went to help out. 9The kids were cute hunting their eggs and their teachers sent them all home with big chocolate bunnies among other Easter treats. 8

Friday, my Mom & I took the girls to get an Easter Dress – it seems to be tradition for us to wait until the last minute and go on the Friday or Saturday before Easter. We also made a stop to see the Bunny – who Mom and I were afraid was fixing to pass out. Forget the fact that the bunny’s whiskers were wilted and pointed straight down – (she’s looked like that for the past three years-) but, her “assistants” kept turning on a big box fan in between kids and at one point even brought over a little cup of water for her. Who knew bunnies could drink out of straws… We always have the craziest experiences trying to see Santa & the Easter Bunny- and still we keep going back to drop our $20.00 for a picture with a tacky border. This year’s really was cute though- and I’d say it was ALMOST worth the $20.00. ;)13

Saturday evening, Grandma came into town, so we had dinner with her and Uncle Adam & Nen. I didn’t get any pictures because my phone was dead, which seems to be a regular thing. We ate at Piesanos, visited at her hotel and then had some Yogurtology to end the evening- because every good night should end with frozen yogurt.

Sunday morning we woke up to the most laid back Easter morning ever. I didn’t have a thing to cook – Grammy & Nie-Nie took care of everything this year. I was supposed to at least make a dessert and do the bread, but on Saturday night, my mom said she’d already taken care of it for me. If you don’t have a Grammy and a Nie-Nie in your life, like ours I am so sorry and I wish you did.

DW cooked breakfast and we finally had to wake the girls up. They were excited to see the bunny had left baskets for them. (Mamie calls hers “my eas-er bunny basket.”)DSC_0396

We were on time for church, even after trying to get a few pictures on our front porch! DSC_0413


Our church does the flower cross every year, and members bring flower cuttings from their yards to place on it. DSC_0428Its always so beautiful and one of my favorites. DSC_0422We always take clippings from DW’s Grandmother’s rose bush in our backyard. DSC_0435

The girls with their Aunt Kels

My parents joined us for both Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday again this year. Pretty sure it’s a tradition that will stick. DSC_0456Last year we hosted everyone back at our house after church, but this year we all went to Pappy & Nie-Nie’s for lunch. We’ve been having some work done at our house and I was glad not to have to get it “company ready” for lunch. :)  We had the best lunch (Grammy & Nie-Nie outdid themselves) and then hid eggs for the girls to find.DSC_0508



It was another great year celebrating our Savior’s Resurrection.


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