Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An Author Writes the Words…

I’m amazed at the things kindergarteners know now days. Annabelle knows a lot about books – she knows what an author is, what an illustrator is, the parts of the book and even the difference in fiction and non-fiction.

When we read, she usually points out the title page and asks the authors name and always reminds us that “the author wrote the words” to the story.

When I read online that Eric Litwin, author of the first four ‘Pete the Cat’ books was coming to Gainesville, I knew we had to go!

He was having two events – an afternoon one and an evening one. We already had plans for that night, so I decided it was definitely worth checking AB out of school early and going to the afternoon event. We invited her friend, Emma & her mom to go, too. I knew both the girls loved Pete the Cat and after reading about Mr. Eric online, I knew it was going to be fun and something we didn’t want to miss.

We hit Chick-fil-A for some lunch and then made our way to the public library headquarters. IMG_0456We got there at a perfect time and were able to get great seats right up front. IMG_0459

Mr. Eric puts on such a fun show. He sang songs, read two books and even shared a new character he’s working on. The kids sang along, danced and laughed their heads off at all his funny antics.IMG_0463 It was so much fun and I was SO glad we made the choice to let the girls skip school that afternoon. There are some things that can’t be experienced in a classroom, and I’m so glad we had this opportunity.

After his presentation, Mr. Eric stuck around to meet the kids and sign their books. IMG_0473


We ordered a hardback book for AB to have signed for her and one for her kindergarten class. IMG_0483

We also snagged enough Pete the Cat Bookmarks and stickers for everyone in their class.

It worked out perfectly, because AB’s special day (where they bring snack and show/tell) was the following Monday. So she took in Pete the Cat Cookies,IMG_0743 a “HUGE PILE OF STRAWBERRIES” (from Pete’s white shoes book) & was able to share about meeting Mr. Eric and then give her class all the goodies we’d grabbed for them.

SO fun!


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