Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014

It’s MONDAY and boy does it feel like it. I wore my pj’s to drop AB off at school this morning. I do that sometimes, especially on cold mornings. It’s hard to trade in my comfy flannels for pants that have buttons. I’m always sure to say a little prayer, though, that nothing happens on the way to or from school that would warrant me having to get out of the car and actually being seen! Why yes, I’m a shining example of a star housewife today…just pass me the bon-bons and turn on the soaps.

We’re recovering from a three day long sugar high, though and I might just stay in my jammies all day.

About all that sugar…

Our Halloween 2014 festivities began the middle of last week. We like to stretch things out around here…especially if candy and fun is involved.

Lauren and I (or more like Tucker & Parker) fell victim to the Pinterest baby-in-a-pumpkin craze and we subjected our babies to sitting in pumpkin mush. They weren’t too excited about it, and they didn’t exactly hate it either… We didn’t get the amazing picture we were hoping for, but mercy, are these two precious?!?!?!?!?


We texted back and forth before carving our pumpkins that morning and we were both nervous about the leg holes… as we should have been. Turns out we cut them too small and our poor boys almost got stuck. I did NOT want to be explaining that one to their Daddies- so thankfully we got them out… unharmed. :)  The boys were relived to see Daddy/Uncle Devin pull up and fix our pumpkins. Of course DW would save the day. It’s his M.O. for sure. DSC_8249

The boys still weren’t super thrilled about sitting in a pumpkin. They both liked chewing on it though. DSC_8235DSC_8184

& I’m pretty sure they’re convinced their mommas are crazy. 



Thursday night it worked out for us to hit UF’s Greeks & Ghouls this year. We’ve wanted to go in years’ past, but it usually falls on the same night as our Cattleman’s meeting, so it’s never worked before. The girls were so excited for some pre-Trick or Treat fun and we were excited to see how cute they and the boys were in their costumes! DSC_8321

Of course my girls, like 98% of all the other little girls in America chose to dress up as Anna & Elsa. Grammy & Pop scored their costumes two months ago and they’ve been hanging in my closet waiting for October! Tucker got dragged into the theme, because it’s just who I am – and he needed to learn early that Momma likes coordinating kids. :) He was the cutest Olaf in the history of Olafs.DSC_8311 I made his little hat and glued some felt “stick” arms and buttons on a long sleeve onsie. Super easy and it all took less than 20 minutes.

AB was excited to have white color and glitter sprayed into her hair, but not nearly as excited as Mamie was over her wig. She LOVED it and it was hilarious. DSC_8283

Much to our disappointment, it FLOODED when we rolled into Gainesville. We tried to wait it out in the truck for a while before giving up and heading home. Adam & Lauren picked up Krispy Kremes, though, so the night wasn’t lost. DSC_8357We met them at Pappy & Nie-Nie’s so the kids could trick or treat there (Pappy & Nie-Nie were going out of town for the weekend and would miss Halloween, so we hit them early).



Halloween being on a Friday was so fun this year! That morning AB had her book character dress-up and dance. She chose to be “Cindy Moo.” IMG_0967She was crazy about her cowbell!DSC_8402 I felt like I should send an apology note to her teacher that morning. Instead I told AB to make sure she put her cowbell in her cubby when she got to school. Later that morning, one of the teachers had texted Aunt Nen a video of AB at the dance who forwarded it to me and I loved it so much because above the loud music you could hear the cowbell. :)

That afternoon, my mom & I went in for AB’s class’ pumpkin math party. We had a big time manning different math stations and enjoyed getting to see AB in her class and meeting all of her little friends.IMG_0970

That afternoon it was home to rest up for the big Trick-or-Treat festivities.  Mamie was so excited to have her friend Ella over. DSC_8409We had everyone meet up at our house for chili and hotdogs before we went to town. Uncle Adam got the trailer and hay all lined up for us and we pulled it through town with the 4-wheeler again this year.DSC_8446

The kids always love the “hayride.” We’d park it and walk to a few houses and then load back up and move farther down the streets. IMG_0992



We decided to call it a night once the sun started going down and the streets got more crowded. IMG_0999

DSC_8445It was the perfect amount of time for our little ones though.

Of course we had to hit Aunt Kels’ house on our way back home. DSC_8448



We stopped by our house to drop off our loot and take a family pic…



Then ended the night taking the kids by my Granny’s house to Trick-or-Treat one more time. DSC_8492

Halloween 2014 was so much fun!


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