Friday, November 14, 2014

Mickey’s Spooky Party…

If there were awards for surviving potty training, we’d earn one for making it with Maybree. DSC_7903It was SOMETHING. I’m a firm believer in waiting until the child is ready, but when Tucker arrived and Mamie still wasn’t ready, we decided to put a little pressure on her. That didn’t work. She was SO not interested and it made for a very frustrated Momma & Daddy. DW, out of sheer desperation told Mamie we could go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party if she’d start wearing her big girl panties. A couple more weeks passed and one day while cleaning up ANOTHER accident, I, not expecting her to answer, asked Maybree, “WHEN are you going to start tee-teeing and poo-pooing in the potty???” She looked me square in the eyes and said, “On Friday.” DSC_7905I promise the following Friday she decided on her own she would potty train. I have no idea how or if she knew what day it was, but wasn’t kidding. Two weeks later, we were on our way to Disney for what Mamie called “Mickey’s Sppppoooookey Party” – she’s into all things silly and spooky so we knew it would be right up her ally. I can’t leave out the part where we were all packed up and ready to go only to find out tickets were sold out the first time we tried to go! Thankfully we’d only pulled out of our driveway and hadn’t driven the two hours to Orlando.
The following Friday, with tickets in our hands, we headed out.

The girls dressed up as kitty cats. (Mamie’s choice, since it was her day). We met a few villians (& Buzz)… DSC_7916
danced with Cruella De Ville at Club Villian,DSC_7926 & the crew from Monsters Inc. at another dance party…DSC_7983
rode some rides, (highlights include AB’s first time on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! & all of our first time on the 7 Dwarfs Mine train (Mamie was JUST tall enough! We all loved it!) DSC_7933DSC_7955DSC_7981DSC_7982DSC_7988DSC_7995DSC_8017

caught the paradeDSC_8022DSC_8025DSC_8034 and shopped for a few prizes…

Mamie's necklace she traded her pacis for... (It was a big night for Mames)  

We ended it all with a visit with the Mouse.

It was a great night and something we’d love to do again. DSC_8071Maybe next year we’ll try out the Christmas party at Disney.

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The Marino Family said...

Way to go Mamie!! I bought Daniel a Mickey Mouse potty seat hoping that he will be inspired to use it soon.