Tuesday, May 12, 2015

8 Month Pictures

Tucker’s 8 month session was in April.Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0077
We started in his room… Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0078Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0079Eight Months-0036Eight Months-0037Eight Months-0044I love that our photographer gets them in their daily surroundings – just crawling and playing and doing what they do. :)Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0080Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0083Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0086Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0085
Then we took some outside – we continued with the dumptruck shots- I think those are going to make a fun progression from his newborn to his first year pics! Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0091Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0090Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0087
Tucker & Daddy…
Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0095
Eight Months-0079Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0102
Some of my favorites are always the ones I don’t know she’s taking…Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0099Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0092
Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0100
But my most favorite of the whole 8 month session is this one…Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0096
When DW saw Tucker that day, he said, “we’ve got to get him belt.” Ha.

I’ll never regret doing the “Don’t Blink” sessions...in fact, I wish I’d done it with our other kids. I’m so glad she’s gotten a few cute ones of the girls each session, too, though. (AB was in school the morning we took these, but love this of Mamie)- Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0103
I’ll treasure the pictures always. Annie Whitehurst Favorites-0108

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