Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day weekend was busy and busy during difficult times is always a plus…
The weekend started with our sweet nephew, Parker’s, first birthday. IMG_1146My SIL, Lauren outdid herself.IMG_1150 It was adorable and the perfect ‘Barnyard’ party for a little boy who’s so loved.
I was taking pics with Lauren’s camera, but I did manage to get my little crew enjoying the party with my phone…
Tucker enjoying boiled peanuts with his Daddy & Pappy…IMG_1157
and our girls had the best time sitting with their three great-aunts. My FIL has three sisters and they are so much fun. They kept Mamie & AB entertained during lunch.
Grandma came down for the party and spent the night with us, so we had everyone over afterward for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. DSC_1911
Sunday morning, DW got donuts for breakfast, because he knows the way to his babies’ momma’s heart. :)
We’d planned to go to Marine Land with my parents that day. We thought the girls would love seeing the dolphins and we were right. IMG_1224IMG_1247Unfortunately, one of the tanks was closed, but we ended up getting a “backstage” tour by one of the workers, so it turned out really neat. IMG_1264IMG_1278IMG_1289
After seeing the dolphins, sea turtles and sharks, we headed for a late lunch in St. Augustine.
It was a really sweet day. I’m very thankful for my own momma. IMG_1309She’s so great and has always taken such good care of our family and loved us all so well. She’s the kind of Mom who after working all day on Wednesdays, cooks dinner for my crew (and I mean usually a meat, a starch, two veggies, a bread and dessert kind of meal…DW only has one mother-in-law, but you can bet, even if he had two, she’d be his favorite) ;), she’s the kind of mom who never waits for me to ask for help- she just shows up…(like to AB’s t-ball game, even when she had a cast on and couldn’t play, because I might need help with Tucker & Mamie), the kind of mom who still to this day takes me shopping and likes to treat me to new clothes once in a while, and above all, the kind of mom who has prayed for me my entire life. She taught me to love Jesus and I pray my kids can all say the same thing about me someday. (She also taught me to leave shopping  bags in the car until the coast is clear…and by coast I mean the Daddy of the house isn’t home…you can bet my girls will be able to say that about their momma too) ;)IMG_1185

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