Monday, May 18, 2015

Q & U Get Married…

I’ve looked forward all year to the big Spring event in Kindergarten… the day that the letters Q & U get married! IMG_1566IMG_1605
When I did my final internship, it was in a Kindergarten classroom and the teacher was AMAZING- the Q&U wedding was one of her big events and I knew it would be even sweeter this time around, since I got to see it through AB’s eyes!
The kids spent weeks getting ready for the wedding… they made their own bouquets, talked about big words like ‘boutonniere’ and ‘reception’ and learned some very important lessons in grammar! IMG_1554IMG_1573
The kids were encouraged to wear their Sunday best and they were all so adorable. IMG_1711
I’d volunteered to make the wedding cake and punch. IMG_1580I thought it would be fun to make it look like a traditional cake, but do the inside Funfetti, like one of the layers of Carrie's wedding cake. :)  I felt like MacGuyver that morning when I realized we didn’t have a cake topper and I made a “Q & U” out of some of the wire stars the teachers had used for table decoration. :)IMG_1655
The teachers had decorated the room with wedding bell confetti, tissue paper, fake flowers and the like. IMG_1557IMG_1567IMG_1571It was PURE wedding PERFECTION in the eyes of all of the 5 & 6 year olds! The chairs were covered with black garbage bags and the kids thought it was the most fancy event they’d ever been to. :)
The parents and guests were waiting in the classroom, while the students made the processional around campus through the front office and then back to the classroom…IMG_1592
They all marched in paired up with another bridesmaid or groomsman and took their seats…IMG_1589
Their music teacher was a special guest and she played some wedding songs on the keyboard and even a special one written and dedicated just for Q&U. IMG_1640
Another teacher performed the ceremony and then the kids all marched out behind the bears who played Q&U. IMG_1644We all watched and blew bubbles as they drove away to their honeymoon. IMG_1663IMG_1665IMG_1671
After the bears had gone, we made our way to the classroom next door for the reception.IMG_1688 Punch was served in fancy stemware (plastic, of course) ;) alongside cake and mints. IMG_1686After the cake cutting, the kids gathered on the carpet for some reception dancing… kindergarten style, which meant the chicken dance and the Hokey-Pokey. IMG_1695
It was such a fun morning in Kindergarten! IMG_1706And I’m willing to bet that none of those kids will ever forget that anytime there’s a word that starts with Q, U will always come next!

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