Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Countdown to School…

We spent our last week of Summer break squeezing in as much fun as we could.
- We had Allie & Whitt over and the kids were all so excited to spend the day together.IMG_8981 IMG_9006IMG_9002Whitt took inventory of Tucker’s tractors and told me which ones he had and which ones he didn’t. He picked out a few that he told me he needed me to get him. He is one of my all-time favorite boys. I’m pretty sure Mamie stole his heart and impressed him in a BIG way when she knew what a hay baler was. IMG_8948 The girls have gotten a couple lessons in hay bailing this summer when the farm crew was bailing in front of our house. They were too excited to get to ride with Uncle Van and Pappy a couple times.
- We met my mom one day for breakfast and some school shopping.
Shopping with Grammy always means doing something I’d never let them do… :)IMG_9037
- Carrie & I took AB & Allie to get their nails done! They were so excited. IMG_9078
Ms. Franne was speaking their love language when she said she had glitter polish.
- We had a cousin day to the museum.IMG_9099 We love the Florida Museum of Natural History. Tyrannosaurus Sue has been on exhibit there for several months. I’ve wanted to take the kids all summer and finally made a plan during the last week of break to do it.IMG_9220 Taylor wasn’t feeling well, but Elliot & Warren came with us.
It was a neat exhibit and there were lots of hands on things for the kids…IMG_9106IMG_9114IMG_9140IMG_9146IMG_9174
“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
DW ended up meeting us for lunch at Square One on his way to a meeting. IMG_9223We ended the day with some Target shopping and Yogurtology. Nobody enjoyed their yogurt more than this guy…IMG_9234
I probably should have said, just pick three toppings, but nobody gets to be the crazy-fun aunt saying stuff like that. ;)
- We had Meet the Teacher…IMG_9012IMG_9013
-  We spent the last weekend before school at Blue Run.
The kids and I went down at lunch and AB was excited to have Emma down for the afternoon…IMG_9276IMG_9286
That evening, the rest of the crew arrived for our Back to School Weekend of fun. 
Tucker taking a moment to appreciate the cuteness of his personalized life jacket. DSCN5297Or maybe he was just trying to chew on it.  :)
Our big 3rd & 1st grader having some snacks….DSCN5319
Mermaid Mamie…
DSCN5369 Saturday morning we cooked a big breakfast and spent the day in and out of the river. IMG_9359Nie-Nie & Kels were visiting Uncle Sam, but Pappy was with us. We had Don Pepe’s Mexican for dinner and had game night afterward. IMG_9373
Sunday was another fun in the sun day.
Our little water-bug..IMG_9366
Parker got new wheels and Tucker was more than happy to help him break it in and put some miles on it.
That’s a rainbow over the Rainbow river… and our sunshine, Mamie. :)
We all took the day off from church and spent another day in the water, but I did perform some good ole Baptist Baptisms in the river that afternoon, so we did have a little “church.” :)
This was apparently the summer for me to loose my mind. Maybe a mid-life crisis has come early?… I’ve been a little on the adventurous side this summer, and this trip I climbed the BIG tree and jumped out. DSC_1703Nothing like being “adventurous” and still having to hold your nose. ;) Once a sissy, always a sissy. :)
It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to end our summer break! IMG_9347DSCN5453

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