Monday, August 31, 2015

The First Day of First Grade…

We woke up early on the 24th ready to start a new school year! IMG_9457

AB requested I make “Monkey Bread” for her back to school breakfast. IMG_9435

We took a few pictures on the porch and headed out. IMG_9449

We did a little “happy” for AB’s teacher for the first day… IMG_9428Thank you, Pinterest for the “Tickled Pink” idea. We packed our pink glitter bag with a pink scarf, pink polish and pink bubble gum. IMG_9427

At Meet-the-Teacher, we grabbed a couple post-it’s from the teacher’s wish-list, and one of them was skittles. Her room is decorated with lots of yellow and sunshine themed things, so I made her a jar with a sun for her skittles. IMG_9430

I felt like we might look a little over-the-top taking two gifts, but it was a very sincere “please be really nice to our baby and take really good care of her” gesture. ;)

The parking lot was full when we made it to school and I’d broken a sweat by the time we made it to the classroom. AB and I both had our hands full and were happy to pass Nen in the hallway, who helped us get everything to the classroom.

With a side hug and a smile, AB said goodbye and just like that, she was ready for the new year. Summer was over, AB was a first grader and I walked back to the car with Mamie & Tucker to count the hours until pick up.

I’m not sure it ever gets easier leaving them on the first day and in the care of their new teacher. We have a sweet little school and passing so many people on my way to and from the classroom, that we know, made me feel so much better. It’s just the thought of not being there in case she needed me and sending her off on her own that always stings and takes some getting used to. I’m sure, though, that it’s all the little stages and tiny little “letting-go” things that prepare us for the harder ones down the road.

When we picked her up that afternoon, she said it was a “good day, just different from last year in Kindergarten.” It looks like she’s about as fond of change as her Momma. :)

It’s been several weeks now, though, and she’s loving first grade.


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