Thursday, August 6, 2015

River Fun 2015

The week at Blue Run is always one of our favorite things about summer. IMG_7058


This year, I made the whole crew matching tank tops. The ones who never wear tank tops were such good sports about them. They actually wore them and indulged me to even let us get a group photo. Even the babies had matching ones.


Other highlights from this year included fishing off the dock. IMG_6699The girls and Warren had the best time. IMG_6688IMG_6845Even Kels got in on the action.   Aunt Amber brought night crawler worms and its safe to say no female there was baiting their own hook.  :)

The biggest fun of the week for AB, though, was her new kayak. She got it the week before we went to Blue Run, so we were able to monogram it and for her to practice a little in the pool…IMG_6305This was her end of a great school year prize. Her Daddy had promised her something big if she finished the year with all purple and green on her behavior chart and for doing her best all year with her school work…and she did. We thought she’d enjoy the kayak, but didn’t think she’d love it as much as she did. IMG_6987She loved getting in it and scooting up and down the river. Mamie loved riding with her, too. IMG_6860We took it on the boat to the head one night and she got to kayak all the way past the no-boaters sign by herself. IMG_7120There was also that time she and Warren turned it over and they flipped out… they both thought it was hilarious. IMG_7659

She can also use it like a paddle board, which she likes, too…IMG_9420

Another highlight was Warren jumping from the tree for the first time…d

AB doing a flip off the diving board…IMG_7181

- Tucker growling at the waiter who took his plate away too soon at dinner…IMG_7243

and on the final night, I led the pack at jumping from the leaning tree. image1It was a total out of character moment for me, but it was so fun. Every one of us ended up climbing it and jumping. There was no one on the river and we took full advantage of having the usually crowded spot to ourselves. FullSizeRenderSuch a fun memory.image3

We laugh at the good stuff that people we know are always finding at the bottom of the river. One couple we know has found three Go-Pro cameras in the water. They’re always finding nice sun glasses, underwater cameras, all kinds of fun stuff. We find JUNK. Last trip we found a rusty measuring tape and a spoon.

This trip, we hit the jackpot when we found a snorkel and fin set along with someone’s debit card and $30.00 in cash! We tried to track them down on facebook and even called the bank to see if they could help, but in the end, we couldn’t get in touch with the person who it belonged to. AB was thrilled to have a new pair of fins.

We also found one shoe and a pair of prescription glasses that were so strong on one side they’d make your eyes crossed. IMG_7469We hated it most for the person who lost them, because it was obvious they NEEDED them.

We had quite a bit of rain during the week, but we made the best of it…IMG_6722IMG_6673IMG_6743


Evening boat rides after the guys all get there after work is always a favorite, too. IMG_6640IMG_7103

It didn’t matter who was driving, Parker & Tucker were always glad to help. ;)IMG_7664



A week of resting, relaxing, swimming, sunning & snacking…


It’s no wonder 5 generations of DW’s family have loved the river and made so many memories there. My sentimental self loves that my littles (part of the 5th generation) get to swim and splash in the same spot that the four generations before them also enjoyed.

Such a fun week – it just never lasts long enough.


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