Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Disney, FINALLY!

We FINALLY made it back to Disney this past weekend. We decided to postpone a Fall visit and wait until they’d put the Christmas decorations up, because it had been a few years since we’d been there during Christmas. We ended up going the first weekend they had everything decorated. XMKJ8190

Grammy went with us, and we’re always so glad to have the extra set of hands. IMG_9862

We left early and got there before the park opened. DSC_6973The monorail wasn’t running, so we took the ferry boats across to the Magic Kingdom. DSC_6983

I always love getting there for Good Morning/Rope Drop ceremony. DSC_6995

We planned the trip at the last minute, so our fast pass options were very limited. DSC_7000The girls REALLY wanted to ride the 7D Mine Train, but the wait, even at park opening was well over 2 hours.

We hit the Peter Pan, It’s a Small World and the carousel DSC_7005DSC_7011DSC_7021DSC_7025IMG_9728

and then Winnie the Pooh. DSC_7002

After that, we did Enchanted Tales with Belle. AB and Mamie both got to play parts. IMG_9805IMG_9811DSC_7053Even Tucker got to go up during the dining room dance and then meet Belle. DSC_7067

Little Mermaid was next. IMG_9964

We did the Barnstormer IMG_9868IMG_9876IMG_9890

and then saw Goofy & Donald under the big top. IMG_9913DSC_7120DSC_7113

Waiting was the hardest part for Tucker. DSC_7079He didn’t understand why he couldn’t just run up to them.IMG_9908 DSC_7109

After some lunch, we made our way to Adventureland for the Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve never ridden it and neither had the kids. Of course a Dole Whip was also priority when in Adventureland. We love the new set up and how quickly the line moves compared to the old location.

We saw the parade in front of the castle. IMG_0125We waited until the last minute, and didn’t get front row spots, but everyone could see, so it worked out. IMG_0186

Grammy took napping Tucker to find some shade and we decided to get in line for the 7D Mine Train with the girls. It had been broken down for over an hour, and there was NOBODY in line. We decided to chance it and wait. IMG_0244After 30 minutes, it opened back up and we were first in line. We literally walked from the gate all the way to the loading dock. It was crazy, just walking through what is usually a backed up line, without stopping. IMG_0254IMG_0257IMG_0266

IMG_0270We hit the Tomorrowland Speedway and then the tea cups. IMG_0002IMG_0008IMG_0018IMG_9993IMG_9984After a train ride all the way around the park, we did the People Mover and then Buzz’s Space Spin. IMG_0025


It was late afternoon and we decided to call it a day. IMG_0317We stopped by the see Mickey on our way out of the park. DSC_7147MIMB1795DSC_7154

He was so fun this trip. DSC_7151SEED8599He told the kids a joke and asked Tucker to give him a high-five.DSC_7157

On our way out, we saw the castle all lit up with Christmas lights. It was a beautiful ending to another fantastic day at Disney. CTWH6622IMG_0348

* for memory’s sake- the girl’s both chose the Snow White charm for their bracelets this trip, to remember our good luck we had with the 7D Mine Train.


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