Thursday, December 23, 2010

“C” is for COOKIE….

I am certain sweets and desserts are one of my love languages. I have such a sweet tooth. I also have chubby thighs and I am sure the two go hand in hand. :)

I love to bake, especially at Christmas. There are special treats we only make around Christmas time and I look forward to them all year!

My number one favorite is “Martha Washington Candy”… marthathey are a bunch of butter, sweetened condensed milk, powdered sugar, coconut and pecans rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. I am sure when I get to Heaven, I’ll feast on these all day and have skinny thighs, too!

Our big baking day was actually on Tuesday, and we made 5 different kinds of cookies, chocolate truffles, and Martha Washington candy.

I’ve taken AB’s picture with our Christmas goodies every year, and this marks our third year doing it! Her first year, she was only days old and it’s hard to believe she’s now TWO! Carrie and I got those apron sets for the girls last year, so AB’s picture the past two years has been wearing it. Thankfully it’s still big on her, so I can’t wait to see how many years we get to have her picture taken in it! :)DSC_5244







For memory’s sake, here she is her first year (December 2008): christmas08 049

Poor baby, she doesn’t look too impressed with all those cookies. I’m sure she was just ill that she couldn’t eat any yet!

christmas08 036

Because by the next December (2009), she was turning into a cookie-monster! DSC_6594


December 2010 & she’s STILL a cookie-monster! She gets it honest. DSC_5266




Rebecca said...

"A" is for Adorable Annabelle!!!! Love a look back at her pictures with the goodies...doll baby that girl of yours!

Merry Christmas, friend!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

The pictures of Annabelle in her Christmas apron each year are absolutely PRICELESS! What a doll! "Martha Washington Candy" sounds like a treat I would LOVE and need to make. :) Oh, girl! I have a sweet tooth just won't quit too...explains my thighs and muffin top. :)

Lauren said...

She is so "sweet" I hardly even notice the cookies! Its hard to believe that she has grown so much! She was so little once and now she is growing into her own little personality and i love it and her! I forgot to grab a martha washington when I was up there..darn! Tomorrow?

Seizing My Day said...

She is too cute for words!!

Your goodies look so SO YUMMY!!

I love traditions as the unfold over the years... =) it gets sweeter and sweeter... (with a little sad too as they outgrow the magic of it all!)

Blessings in the New Year!