Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Shenanigans- Take 2

What a fun weekend we’ve had around here! I was a terrible picture taker, but I did take a few…

We kicked it off on Friday night with “Light up Williston”, which is where our town has a Christmas parade, and then turns on the Christmas lights in town. DSCN3464

We caught up with some of the family in town to watch the parade together. DSCN3461


Even the garbage truck had lights on it! :)


I so wish I would have gotten a picture of my favorite parade entry, which was a miniature shetlon (sp?) pony. Oh my word… his belly was so fat, it almost dragged the ground like a pot belly pig! I LOVED him. I was so tempted to grab AB and run out in the middle of the street and get a picture with him. I refrained though. I am sure the family is glad. :)

Saturday was our big family Christmas party for DW’s side of the family. It’s his Dad, and his Dad’s 3 sisters and their families. There’s quite a crew of us, and we all meet for a big lunch.

Before lunch, the family sang Happy Birthday to Annabelle, since her bday was on Thursday. Her great-aunt, “Nanny” even made her a tiny little cake of her own and had candles! So sweet!!!DSCN3483

After lunch, it’s the main event for the kids! DSCN3480We draw names for them and exchange gifts. AB’s cousin, Lizzy, got her the cutest fairy play tent. It’s adorable and I know she will love playing in it! For the past 2 years, the adults have bought gifts for a needy family. After lunch, all the women wrap the gifts and get them ready to be delivered. It’s amazing how fast big projects go when you’ve got a lot of hands helping.

After the family party, we headed home in hopes of getting a good nap in for AB.

My parents came over late that afternoon and we headed for White Springs. The Stephen Foster Folk Center (a Florida State Park), hosts a festival of lights every year. Last year, DW and I stopped on our way to his mom’s in Georgia, and thought it was worth going back this year. Worth it was totally right! The park ranger informed us that they had doubled their lights since last year, and added several new features, including Santa Clause, Carolers, and a horse and carriage ride! DSC_4996




The lights were beautiful, and just like last year, my favorite part were the oak trees wrapped in lights. GORGEOUS. DSC_4994This year they added the hanging lighted balls, and I SO want some of those hanging from our oak trees at our house! I’d also love them wrapped, but DW says that ain’t happening anytime soon, unless we can find some volunteers to come help and a truck with a lift bucket. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Look who we ran into while walking around waiting on our turn for the carriage ride! Ho-Ho, himself! DSC_5011


I was so proud of AB! She didn’t cry, she just smiled and said, “ho-ho”!!! (which sounds more like “oh-oh”)!!! Santa was SUCH a good one. I know some people think the fake beard is cheesy, but that’s Santa to me. I prefer it over the real beard any day! White, long, real-beards just creep me out a little.

I loved walking around the park under all the lights and passing strangers, who were all so nice… it felt like everyone we passed, would wish us “Merry Christmas”… it was such a fun little trip! DSC_5019


Sunday morning was our church’s Christmas cantata.

After church, my SIL, Lauren and I had planned to do the Christmas Parade of Homes around town! It was so fun! I just loved it! It was a fundraiser for our Woman’s Club. We bought our ticket at the Woman’s Club, where we were served cookies and punch, and then were given the map of homes. DSCN3497It was really fun, too, because we knew everyone who’s homes were on the tour, but we hadn’t ever been to their houses before! Everyone did such a beautiful job and I left feeling like I hadn’t decorated a thing this year! I want to do some more now! ha… DW is cringing right now if he’s reading this! I enjoyed the afternoon so much!

Yesterday evening, we headed to the mall in hopes of getting AB’s picture with “Ho-Ho”. We thought since she’d done so well around the Santa the previous night, that she’d do okay with Santa in the mall. DSC_5073


Not so much. DSC_5074


I think she agrees with her Momma, in that real-white-beards are a tad creepy. I mean seriously, yall… Santa didn’t even TRY. He never said one “Ho” or even, “hello”… She looked like she was going to sit with him when DW first handed her off, and if ole Clause had been halfway energetic she may have. Oh well. I guess we’ll have a Christmas picture that goes well with our Easter Bunny picture for 2010. 

Bless it. Poor baby girl. I can’t hardly look at them, but I know one day we’ll look back and have the best laugh at it! :)

We’re gearing up for a very busy week…(and hopefully I’ll squeeze in a little more Christmas decorating. Ha…)



Charon Benton said...

what a fun and BUSY weekend! Love the Santa picture and I agree--I'm ALL ABOUT a fake white beard. It's SO SANTA!! cecil usually uses our tractor with a bucket to get limbs and such down...Ahem. I'm happy to volunteer the bucket/tractor if DW trusts Cecil enough to lift him up in it! They go WAY back, so I'm sure DW won't mind.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Still adding decorations here too, girl! You are not alone...and DW is not the only husband cringing...Ha! :) I love that you posted about the Festival of Lights because we are planning to go this weekend. It looks so beautiful and festive and I can hardly wait! The Santa pictures are adorable...pouty face and all. :)

Crystal said...

I too agree with the fake least it looks clean & pretty with no nicotine stains! I love, love, love those wrapped oak trees. Oh. My.

Carrie said...

Mercy. I am wanting to cry looking at Annabelle's picture with her crying while sitting in Santa's (AKA Father Time) lap. He is PLUM scary! I don't blame her one bit.

Aleta Kaylee said...

It sounds like y'all are kicking off the season right! I actually saw that garbage truck pass by. We got stuck in the parade while trying to get gas after visiting Cloverleaf. Those pictures of AB are too funny!!! I love that you have a theme going with the Easter AND Christmas pic. Never fear! I'm 100% positive that Miss Annabelle is far from the only child scared of Santa...even if she does like to say "ho ho" (oh oh) :-D

Heather said...

Sweet little Annabelle!! Bless her heart on Santa's lap! I have no doubt that Mollie Kate would do the same thing, well at least I think!! :) What a fun time you guys had at the parade and seeing the lights!! Love it! I have been an awful commenter lately, please forgive me sweet friend!

Nikki Glynn said...

I just have to laugh, because I took my son Mason to the SAME SANTA in the Oaks Mall. I looked at the pic and just BURST out laughing! YOU ARE RIGHT, he didn't even try. Mason would have nothing of it!

Nikki Glynn