Monday, December 6, 2010

An Elmo Birthday….

Over the summer, I came up with what I thought would be the cutest Birthday party theme this year for Annabelle’s second birthday… We were going to have a “Pink Piggy Party”…  Well, that all changed around October, when our girl fell head over heels for Elmo. She’s crazy about the furry red-monster, and since we’re crazy about her, I wanted to do something that she’d love. It was her party, after all, so I wanted it to be all about HER! DSC_4501



This year, we scaled back compared to last year’s party, and only invited AB’s grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins…  (along with Uncle William, Aunt Stephanie, Willie, Aunt Carrie, “other-Uncle Adam” & AB’s BFF, Allie Claire.) We only needed 7 invites, so I just made them on our computer and had them printed up…abbdayinvite


I printed a couple of the pictures we took to use on the invite, framed them and hung them at the party.

We had the party at in our sunroom. The great thing about having it out there, was that I was able to get a lot of the decorating done during the week leading up to the party. Annabelle LOVED going out there and seeing all the Elmo things! We were worried we were going to have to leave it decorated like that for good! Ha…

For decorations, we did the fabric banners over all the windows and doors. DSC_4300I’m REALLY going to have to come up with something else when it comes to party décor, since I’ve used these everywhere, but I just love how festive they make a party look! For these banners, I chose fabric in “Elmo colors” (orange, red, and yellow)… I didn’t want to use any actual Elmo fabric, in hopes that these may get used somewhere else in the future. I think they’d be cute for a circus or carnival party… I used the same fabric for the Elmo on her shirt, so everything coordinated! :)

Over the glass doors, we have wrought iron plant hangers, and I tied little pieces of remnant ribbons that I had (in the party colors), on the hangers… then hung the letter A & number 2 from them… DSC_4297


Annabelle LOVES balloons, so we had to have those, too! And what’s more festive than balloons?!?!? We have two sky-lights in the sunroom, so we filled those with balloons, too. DSC_4273


These were the centerpieces on the tables…





For food, we did AB’s favorite things…


We got a Chick-fil-A nugget tray, had mini BBQ sandwiches, waffle fries, and fruit salad.


DSC_4341   DSC_4344


Of course we had to have goldfish, too! We bought a real goldfish, also, to play “Dorothy”… Annabelle LOVED the “ish”..





After we ate, it was present time! DSC_4345


AB loved all of her new gifts!

After presents, it was cake time!


She was a doll as we sang, “Happy Birthday” and then she was such a big girl and blew out her candles!



When Little Miss was finished with her cake, she decided to break out some of her new toys and give them a test! DSC_4456





If you’ve ever seen Elmo’s World, you know the song… and you know that Elmo loves his “goldfish and his crayon, too!”, so that’s what I used for the party favors… We only had three little ones coming, so I sewed them all crayon rolls, and along with that, in their favor bag, they got an Elmo coloring book, some goldfish, and some Elmo stickers (because those are AB’s fave!).



I thought it was too precious when the grandparents showed up in their Elmo colors! DSC_4257

Grammy & Pop with the Birthday Girl


& Pappy & Granny with her, too!

And check out her Granny’s shirt!!!! Yes, it’s ELMO, bought and worn especially for the party! How fun was that?collage5


She’s one loved little girl, and not just by those who were at the party! We are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends and I am so thankful that each of them are a part of our girl’s life, too…



Stephanie said...

We had a wonderful time celebrating with you all! Willie had such a BIG time sitting at the kids table drinking juice boxes like a big kid! He is still playing with the orange balloon he brought home, he just drags it around like a blankey!

Carrie said...

I hate that we missed this adorable party! It turned out so cute, Annie! Belle looks like she was in heaven! Truly the belle of the ball!! As usual, you outdid yourself. I love Annabelle's shirt, Dorothy and all the cute favors. I can't believe you sewed crayon rolls for all the kids!

Danielle said...

You always throw such outstanding parties. I have so much to learn from you!! :) hehe!! Tell Annabell "Happy Birthday!!" from Cori! :)

Charon Benton said...

what a sweet party! I'm so glad y'all celebrated! You outdid yourself on decorations. I think I need you to do all mine!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I give you an A+ for pulling off such a CUTE Elmo party! I love how you tied in the "Elmo's World" song with your party favors. Annabelle is one loved little girl that's for sure. Now get some rest, Momma...I know you need it!

Katie said...

Soooooo adorable! I cannot believe y'all actually had "Dorothy" at the party! Such a great idea!! AK and Jack Jack would have looooooooved this party. I always amhappy when you post pics of your sunroom....such a great space - I'm totally jealous over it. ;o) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNABELLE!!!!!!!!!! Big Girl!

Mallory said...

Happy Birthday AB!! You are such a great party-thrower!!! Beautiful!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Those crayon rolls are TOO cute! I would LOVE to know how to do that!!!

Arielle said...

Looked like a really perfect party :)

Lyndsay said...

Annie the party was perfect. You did a fabulous job on everything. I know AB had a great time.

Rebecca said...

Love it ALL!!!! I know Annabelle was in love with it all, too! Never did I imagine that someone could have an Elmo party and it not look too wal-mart...but, girl, you are amazing! The fabric banners, crayon rolls, AB's adorable shirt, the fish, all of it is just so, so incredible! Anyone call you Martha down there?!?! :) I've got some family that throw that around some with know what I mean! ;)
Oh, and the cake...perfect! Did you do the Elmo cookies, too? Oh my, if my boys ever go for anything too cartoony, charactery then I am thinking there's still hope! Happy 2nd birthday pretty girl!!!!

Crystal said...

You did a great job!!! I love all those decorations, I'd have never thought to do some of that stuff. Are you for hire?!? Maybe teaching isn't your calling after all...

Aleta Kaylee said...

Annie, you amaze me. You did such a good job with all the decorations :)

Heather said...

Annie, this is awesome!! What a great party!! Mollie Kate would have been in Elmo heaven!! I love all the decor and all the Elmo's that AB got!! So fun!! You did a terrific job friend!! AB looks precious in her outfit!!