Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Shenanigans–Take 1

It’s only one week into December, and we’re already neck-deep in Christmas related fun!

Last Thursday, Carrie and I hosted our “annual” cookie swap. Last year, we had to cookie swap the day after we returned from our last minute Atlanta trip, and we vowed never to plan that much stuff in one week again! Ha…

This year’s cookie swap was lots of fun, and Carrie told all about it HERE.

I didn’t take many pictures that night, and in fact, I didn’t take a single one of any of our party go-ers! I was too busy working my jaw. Both running my mouth, and stuffing it. :)DSCN3432

The cookies were all great this year, and our prizes were well deserved for the girls who “won” the cookie vote! DSCN3418We did baking themed prizes, and the winners got either a Christmas apron, a cookie scoop or an oven-mit set.

Like Carrie said, last year we didn’t even had a fridge at her place, and milk was in high demand with all those cookies, so we knew it had to be on the list this year! I had my mom get us some school milk cartons and they were a precious touch. DSCN3434Carrie made the slushy punch and it’s the best… we all kept going back for glass after glass.

Carrie had her house all Christmas-ed up and everything looked great. We didn’t have to do any other decorating aside from her Christmas décor, but I did grab one of my small foyer trees and make a “baking” tree that we sat in a corner of the living room. Most of the things on it came from Annabelle’s playroom, and I worried for two days that she’d break into the formal dining room, where the tree was stashed, and grab her pots, pans and mini rolling pins off the tree! Ha.. She didn’t, and the tree even survived the ride in my car to Carrie’s. DSCN3424

If your friends don’t do a cookie exchange, you totally should! Or some other Christmas get-together… an ornament exchange, or a ornament making party or something! Just get together! :)


Today, we met up with Carrie & Allie to do some “Do Art”… this marks our third trip to Do Art, and I was slightly embarrassed when the owner said she recognized us. I’m certain it’s because I have the screaming child who doesn’t want to get paint on her hands. DSCN3443

After her handprints were finished AB was fine, I promise! It could have been the candy I bribed her with…

DSCN3445Carrie just kept assuring me we were making memories. Ha. I told AB one day, she and AC would be BEGGING us to take them to Do Art! Carrie chimed in with a “probably not”… ha… Either way, it was a fun time and we made some cute plates for Santa’s Cookies, and the girls painted some precious ornaments! I can’t wait to pick them up next week! DSCN3439






This is AB’s ornament and Santa plate…




After the Do Art fun, we grabbed some lunch, and Aunt Carrie & Allie had a little birthday “party” for AB. Allie was sick this weekend, and had to miss the Elmo bash, but she brought her a present to lunch, so AB was quick to forgive. Ha…



Allie said, “what is it? What is it?” She was more excited than AB!


It was the most darling dress up dress and shoes! So precious and I’m certain our girl will want to wear it EVERYWHERE, which might be a bad thing, Aunt Carrie! ha…

We’ve got another week of Christmas fun coming up! I hope you’re enjoying this season as much as we are!



The Marino Family said...

Sure hate I missed out on a fun cookie exchange. Next year it's on!!

Arielle said...

I didn't know y'all were having a cookie exchange! And do art looked fun. Such a good job on making her 'own' ornament! :)

Charon Benton said...

you and carrie do the neatest things! Your hair looked GREAT too! LOL

Again, I hate that I missed the cookie exchange this year! : (
Loved the baking tree though!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I just love the word "shenanigans" and you girls are the QUEENS of FUN shenanigans! :) The santa plates are adorable and I definitely want to do this...when I muster up the courage to take Dillan into a pottery/painting store...YIKES!

After seeing this and Carrie's post I know I missed out on a great year! :)

Heather said...

How fun to go to the art place!! I would love to do that with y'all! You look beautiful! AJ was the kids that didn't like to get anything on his hands, even peanut butter and jelly! The owner could never forget that sweet face of AB's!!