Monday, January 30, 2012


Saturday Annabelle had a big day planned with her Daddy. She was going to the “Bas-kick-ball” game.

DW had been promising to take her to a Gator basketball game and a weekend game always works out great for that.

She started the morning off with some breakfast and then Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen came and picked her up. They’re getting a new puppy and they took AB over to meet him. She thought she was big stuff getting to go somewhere with just Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen!

When they got back, we fed her lunch and got her changed for the game! She was so excited! She was chomping and yelling “Go Gators” all around the house! DSC_2360

One of her favorite parts, as always, was riding the bus from the parking lot to the O’Dome!

DW said she was so great at the game. He said she loved it and really got into it, too. DSCN4434

Of course she was excited to see another fave, Albert! DSCN4435


She ended the day with a few hours at Grammy’s house Saturday night. I’d say it was a pretty perfect day for our girl. :)



Carrie said...

Dang AB looks GROWN in that first picture! She is so cute :) I love her hair clips, which I'm thinking you made?

Immeasurably More Mama said...

How cute is she?!?! DW is such a good daddy to take her on a date to see the Gators play "bas-kick-ball." :)