Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scooter Girl…

AB got a scooter for her birthday. We hadn’t had a chance to let her try it out until this past weekend. DSC_0901


She was so excited about “skating” on her scooter and was the cutest thing ever “riding” it around our yard. DSC_0954



She was quite proud and worn out by the time she got to the front of the house. She stepped off, and started walking back toward the garage and yells to us, “Yall put it up.” Riding a scooter is hard work and apparantly she likes exercise about as much as her momma.




Surrounded-By-Boys said...

na-uh; y'all put it up--now THAT is funny!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

Russel Ramblings said...

she is so cute! love her hair!!

Hines House said...

We have one of those. I think there must be something about scooters at that age. She looks super cute and is getting so big.

Carrie said...

So cute! I'm glad AB liked her scooter. You know Allie said, "Momma, if Annabelle doesn't like the scooter, we'll just have to take it home for me to ride... I guess." What a giver she is :)

Arielle said...

bahaha LOVE it!!!! :-)