Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We’re still staying close to home these days. We’ve been out a couple of times for doctors appointments and when we have been we’ve been sure to keep baby girl covered up and out of the germs reach! :) We’ll start to venture out more once she hits that 8 week mark…maybe…I still don’t know how it will be to keep up with a three year old and a newborn, so we’ll see how brave I am. :)

Here’s what we’ve been up to…


We spent New Years Eve at my in-laws.


My New Year’s Cuties



They do fondue with some friends every year and invited us to crash this year. :) Dinner and dessert was so good and we even got to spend some time with Sam, who was in town. AB had the best time playing dress-up with her cousin, Gracie. DSC_0420

Maybree had her two week well check. We switched pediatricians recently and couldn’t be happier. (Our previous dr., who we’ve been using since Cooper was born, and we LOVED, retired…I wasn’t really happy with the rest of the group she was in, so we decided to switch). We LOVE our new doctor and the entire practice. I’m SO glad we switched and so thankful for a good friend’s recommendation of them.

Baby girl weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz! DSC_0349She’s growing so much and I cant wait to go back next week for 4 week appointment to see how much she weighs.

We had AB’s 3 year well check, too, last week. She weighs 28 lbs and is 35 1/2 inches tall. She was adorable during her visit. She was such a big girl and I was so proud of her. 2012-01-04_11-18-41_422

Nurse Jayne taking AB’s blood pressure

Since we chose to spread our vaccinations out, we are a little behind on them, so she had to get a couple of shots. She also had to have her finger pricked and I was so shocked that she didn’t even cry during that! The shots were a different story. Thankfully my mom went with us. I knew she would need to held and carried (and since I still can’t pick her up, Mom went with us). We were both glad Grammy was there.

Later that afternoon, Nie-Nie & Aunt Kels came down to check on AB and bring her a prize!! It was a Minnie Mouse dress up set and she wore it all afternoon. DSC_0693

Maybree wore jeans for the first time to AB’s dr appointment and that’s definitely a recordable milestone. :)



AB had some Christmas cash, so last weekend we took her to Target to let her pick out a new game for her “tablet.” DSC_0587(Maybree & I sat in the truck while DW took AB in the store…and AB was the cutest thing walking in with her daddy with her owl hat and piggy back pack on…) Precious!  (The owl hat was a Christmas present from Aunt Kristy & Uncle Beau and she wears it ALL the time…the pig back pack was also a Christmas present, from Aunt Nen & Uncle Adam…AB takes it around everywhere, too!) :)

AB’s been doing lots of playing with all her new Christmas toys. She’s thrown countless tea parties in our living room over the past few days and at every one, she serves up birthday cake. It’s always someone else’s birthday, too…and we have to sing, of course.

“Mamie” (AB’s nickname for her sister) still sleeps a lot, so we spend a good part of our days snuggling with her. Nothing sweeter…DSC_0592

I’m pretty sure that although what we’ve been up to lately isn’t the most exciting, it’s some of my most favorite days.



Stephanie Heintz said...

I've been patiently waiting for an update! :) I love it all.

Tania said...

Love their little boots. Both of your girls are cuties.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear you like our pediatrician! We love Dr. M and Nurse Jayne has always been so sweet and patient with the boys (I have one that gets a little dramatic at doctor visits :). The girls are cutie pies and I completely agree with you...days at home with my people are some of my most favorite days, too.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

aw--such cute pictures! The girls are both growing!! AB is adorable in her owl hat!!! What practice did you switch the girls to? Can you email me? Glad to hear they are both doing well!!!

SaraBeth said...

We go to the same pediatric office, and I believe those ladies are angels sent from the Lord himself!!! And can I just say that Miss Maybree has to be one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. I know you are enjoying every minute with your girls:)