Friday, January 20, 2012

Beauty & the Beast…

My mom and I were so excited when we saw that Disney was bringing Beauty & the Beast back to the theatre in 3D. Annabelle (like her momma & Grammy) LOVES the movie and will tell you quickly her favorite princess is Belle. We knew we’d have to take her to see it!

We decided to go on a weeknight and leave Maybree at home with her Daddy for a couple hours while we took AB to the movie.

Wednesday was the night our big girl had waited all week for!

We kissed Daddy & Maybree goodbye and grabbed some quick dinner before heading to the theatre. DSCN4384We got our tickets and 3D glasses and AB was so excited to see the special edition kids’ Beauty & the Beast glasses she got. bb1

She was so adorable waiting for the movie to start. We got our seats (we ended up being three of about 15 people total in the whole theater…it was perfect) and then mom went to get some popcorn. The previews started and AB yells, “Grammy, come on, you’s fixing to miss it!!!” She was relieved to see Grammy make it back without missing anything, but even more excited about the popcorn and M&Ms Grammy was carrying. b&b

She was so into the whole thing, even the previews, that she wouldn’t even look over to get her popcorn. She had those tiny glasses fixated on the screen and without moving her head, she’d reach over and grab another handful of popcorn every few minutes. It was the cutest thing ever. Mom and I were dying over how stinking cute she was.

She was over the moon excited to see her other favorite, Tangled, in a short movie during the previews! AB thinks the little cupid guy on Tangled, is “Ho-Ho” so she yells, “look, even Ho-Ho’s at them’s wedding!” Ha…

She did so good with the 3-D glasses and wore them for about 3/4 of the movie. The problem was she would touch them with her greasy buttery fingers and smudge them and then take them off. Mom and I were cleaning glasses half the movie! :)

The movie was so great in 3-D and there is nothing like those Disney songs. Mom and I sang and hummed along the whole time! Thankfully the theatre was empty enough for us not to embarrass ourselves! :)  How can you NOT sing along to “Beauty & the Beast”??? In fact, I loved that during the credits, they played the song again (the Celine Dion/Pebo Bryson version) and not one person got up to leave until it was over! Such a sweet song…

When we got home, AB was excited to tell Daddy & Mamie all about it…she even insisted that Mamie wanted to try on her glasses. :)  Baby girl looks thrilled about sister’s request.


Speaking of little miss… She had her one month well-check on Wednesday morning! DSC_2131

Waiting at the dr’s office

Her stats are:

9 lbs 15 oz  (75th percentile) & 22 inches long (50th percentile)! She’s growing, growing, growing!



Tania said...

So sweet that you and your mom got to enjoy the movie with AB. Love the picture of Maybree waiting at the doctors office. She is beautiful.

Russel Ramblings said...

Looks like AB was having a good time, love those glasses!

Russel Ramblings said...

I don't know how to message through blogger but I wanted to say Thank you for the fabric idea! I picked up some cute things at the quilt shop in Ocala!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

AB looked so adorable in those glasses! I think it's great that you planned a special night for her...I need to be better about this with my boys.