Saturday, August 17, 2013

Before School Fun

We've been trying to soak up all that's left of summer the past few weeks. 

School starts on Monday and to say it will be an adjustment for all of us is an understatement. 

A few highlights- 

- Back to School shopping with Grammy in St. Augustine was a successful day.
The only thing we didn't find that day was tennis shoes and a backpack. That called for another shopping trip, but this time DW came with us. We found new shoes and even made a stop at Bath & Body for some "hanitizer" and a backpack buddy to hold it. AB picked out a hippo with a bedazzled tooth. No joke. It had a hairbow, too, so I figure that cancelled the tooth out. :)

We finally found a backpack last week. AB was certain it was perfect since it was purple and it had a matching lunchbox. She won't be at school for lunch, and really doesn't need it, but I couldn't tell her no. :) 

- we got her supply list and made a trip one night with Daddy to get those. 
After school supply shopping we went to Yogurtology- it's so good and we've been four times since that night. :) 

None of us loves it as much as Mamie, though. 
- we met up with Carrie, Allie & Whitt last week for a little play date.  We've been so busy this summer that we've hardly seen them. Carrie and I always laugh because the girls are just like us and always pick up right where they left off. 
After lunch, we went to a park and the kids played for a while...

- last Saturday we went to Weeki Wachee & Buccaneer Bay.

We saw Kels was home that morning, and invited her too.
It was a fun, but interesting day - we nearly saw a fight in the mermaid show... No, thankfully it wasn't the mermaids throwing punches. 

- we saw a movie this week with Nie-Nie,  Elliot & Warren.
Epic was cute and I wish I'd known about the $1.00 movie earlier in the summer. 

Afterward, we hit Yogurtology (I wasn't exaggerating when I said I'd been four times since our first visit). 

- Our school's Back to School Bash was also that night.
We took Warren with us to meet Amber. The kids were excited to find out who their teachers were!! 

- One of AB's favorite things is to help in the kitchen and "make a recipe"- so on Wednesday, we made Kool-Aid playdough and oatmeal M&M cookies.
The playdough smelled so good & AB stayed interested long enough to pour in all the ingredients and then leave me to stir it for the required five minutes.
After four colors I had a cramp in my arm. :) She did play with it for a long time that afternoon though. So it was worth it. 

That afternoon, while Mamie napped, we sat on the couch and had cookies and punch and watched one of her shows together. If I would have asked her, I'm sure she would have said that was her favorite part of the day. :) Sometimes I try too hard to make things "special" when in reality, all she wants is to just play together or for me to sit with her and watch something she likes. I'm trying to remind myself of this. 

- Thursday we got a back to school haircut. 

That evening, the guys went to watch the gators' practice, and we'd planned a girls night with Nen. 

We had hoped to get pedicures (at least for Nen & AB), but we didn't take into consideration that everyone else wanted pretty toes for back to school, so both places we tried were packed. Nen treated her to a bag of candy at the candy shop to ease the disappointment.
We also went by Ulta, and let her pick out some new polish. 
And what's a trip to Gainesville these days without a Yogurtology stop? (& I wonder why my clothes are getting too tight?!?!) ;)

Yesterday was meet-the-teacher at school. Grammy came with us, too. We got to see AB's classroom and visit with her teachers, Mrs. L & Ms. C. I feel so good about the class she's in and I think it's going to be a great year! 
AB was a little shy, and I couldn't tell if she was excited or nervous or what, but when she recounted the day to her daddy that evening, I could tell she was excited. 

Yesterday afternoon, I took the girls to meet a couple friends at the bouncing place to play for a couple hours.
The girls all had so much fun.

AB & Mames are spending the weekend with Grammy & Pop, so I'm sure they'd say that it's the perfect way to end the summer! 


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