Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Phone Photo Dump

A bunch of random things & pictures from my phone....

- my best helpers...

- Mamie's looking so BIG these days. 

- after being without an ice maker for FOUR months, ours was finally written off as not-fixable, and we got to order a new one!
Cue the hallaleujuah chorus.
I'd rather be without my dryer or oven than the ice maker. 
I'm an ice snob and will totally claim it. Poor DW is probably happier than I am to have a working ice maker again, since he's the one who's had to haul a cooler of ice home three times a week while ours has been broken. :)

- Our VBS was back in July & was a great time.
Lauren & I taught music again and as always, I got way more out of than I put in. Our guys ran the sound system and Pappy, Nie-Nie and the rest of us cooked on the last night. We did grilled hotdogs & chili and a S'mores buffet to keep with the "backyard camp out" theme. 

- I can't remember if I ever blogged about it, but after Christmas, we put up a play-loft that one of DW's cousins had passed down to us. I'd forgotten we had it stored in our shed outside until DW threatened to find it a new home if we weren't going to do something with it. It couldn't have been found at a better time- I was wondering how we were going to keep Mamie out of all AB's new Barbie stuff, and the loft seemed like the perfect solution. 
And for months it was. Fast forward to July when I walk in to find this...
Yes, Mamie can climb a ladder. We're in the process of figuring out how to keep her from climbing it again. :) it was the sweetest thing, though, to see how excited she was to be in what I'm sure seemed like "Barbo-land" (she calls Barbie, "Barbo").  She was so happy and just kept pulling out the drawers and saying "Barbo! Barbo! Barbo!" :)

- a long time family friend recently got married. My mom and I helped plan, decorate, direct, & do the food for the reception. Of course that meant my dad and DW helped, too. I didn't have time to take many pictures, but I was so pleased with what we pulled off! It was exhausting, but we were glad to do it. Momma & I kept saying it was like paying it forward- we had so much wonderful help with my wedding ten years ago, that it only felt right to help our friends. My inlaws were also great to let us borrow some of their things for the reception and for keeping the girls a lot during the week of the wedding. As always, anything I volunteer for means all "my people" get signed up too. :)  My dads threatening me if I volunteer for any more weddings. Ha. We really did have fun, though, spending a few days together and making it all happen... 

I loved the way the hula-hoop pinterest inspired "chandeliers" turned out... 

I also made my first wedding cake...

I've always made my kids' birthday cakes, so I figured surely I could make a Wedding cake too. (Yes, it was a moment of insanity & i know how crazy it sounds now). I was so nervous about it, but it turned out pretty good and thanks be to The Lord, who answered  my prayers, it didnt fall apart! ;)

- this girls is too much...
Both our girls love dress-up! :)

- my sweet cousin, Krissy, sent me this phone case a couple weeks ago. (In honor of Cousin Camp) :)
I love getting mail, especially when it's fun stuff like this. 

- Since my mom and I took AB for her first pedicure back in March, she's been obsessed with it. She's always coming over rubbing my feet and "giving me a pedicure" 
I'm not complaining at all! She's also loving "doing hair", but we're working on her being gentle skills. :)  She's been practicing her skills and gave Nen a pedi, Blue Run style- 
I'll also neither deny nor confirm that DW had a green toenail recently... Because "Gween is a boy color, daddy" ;)

- if you haven't tried these, you need to. So good. 

- Monday was DW's birthday... I changed the batman saying, "Always be yourself unless you can be batman, then always be batman" to...
Always be DW even if you can be Batman. :)  That's true- he's better than any superhero. 

- a few months ago, I made an upholstered head board for my SIL.

It was touch and go for a while, and I was sweating it-- I had to even walk away from it and not touch it for two weeks before I finally finished it.
But in the end, it turned out and looks really good once she got it in her room and her bedding on it. 

- this girl loves to lay in her bed and play on the I-Pad. And when she does, she totally looks ten years old. 
How is she starting Pre-K on Monday?!?!?



Arielle said...

omgosh I have to see Mamie before she is 10, haha! They are getting so grown looking!! & the cake looks so pretty!

Carrie said...

I love it ALL! The s'mores buffet at VBS, the wedding details, Mamie's BIG grin--I could eat her up! And the headboard! I can't believe you ever feel unproductive! Look at all that you've accomplished this summer :) And as for AB, I can hardly wait to see pictures on Monday morning!! My early prediction is that she will be running her PreK class by the end of week 1.