Monday, August 12, 2013

River 2013

8Our week (back in July) at Blue Run this year was soggy and wet, and not just because we were river rats. It rained every day we were there. The weekend brought good weather, though, and since that’s when all the guys are with us, that’s the most important part anyway! :)

We cooked, swam, boiled peanuts, fished, played with cousins, chased off trespassers (I may have been slightly close to “losing my witness” on that one), played board games, had Sonic limeades at least a half dozen times and just enjoyed being at the river! 13













AB made her diving board debut this year. 1She took a little convincing at first, (in the form of straight up bribery by her Daddy, who promised to buy her some new Barbie clothes) but by the end of the week, she was a pro. DSCN6429


She swam OVER THE RIVER GRASS while we were floating with the boat and it blew my mind. DSCN6452But when you’re with your Dad it just doesn’t seem as scary…and that’s the way it should be. :)

Mamie kept everyone on their toes chasing her. :) 7She liked to be IN the water, just not IN the water. She wanted to be held in the water, but up high enough that she didn’t actually have to touch it.DSCN6424

DSCN6512 Her favorite part of the river this year had to be the turtles. She would lean over the edge looking in the water and say “TUR-DLE” over and over again. It was the cutest. She also practiced her fish identification when we’d take rides on the boat…everything she saw was a “Mul-yet.” Who needs sunshine anyway, when you’ve got Mamie around???  12

The week was like it usually is, and everyone just kind of came and went as we could. DW, the girls and I ended up staying the majority of the week and the last night may have been my favorite. The evenings are always the best, when all the floaters have gone home and the water is quiet and calm…its always so peaceful. We sat down by the water and fed the fish, swam a little more and then DW, decided to climb the tree and jump. 3AB was SO impressed and loved it. 2He racked up a few extra “Daddy-can-do-anything” points that night. :)

The only bad part about a week at the river (even a rainy week) is having to leave it. 6


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Carrie said...

What a great week! I love that y'all have Blue Run as a family tradition every summer :) AB with her fish may be my favorite picture, and I laughed so hard reading that DW bribed her with Barbie clothes! Now that's a good daddy. Mamie blesses my heart! She's A-dorable :)