Monday, August 19, 2013

The First Day of Pre-K

All I keep thinking is that I can’t believe it’s already here. DSC_6977

The first day of Pre-K! DSC_6929

I’ve been both excited and nervous about this next chapter.

I’m excited for AB, because I know she’s excited.DSC_6938 (And believe me, if she wasn’t, there’s no way I could have actually gone through with it). I think it’s going to be great for her socially, to interact with other kids her age and to make new friends. Plus, it’s going to be a good transition into Kindergarten.

I’m nervous, because while she is such a “big girl” these days, she’s still our BABY. She’s only four – and the thought of her somewhere without me is A LOT. Then, there’s the thought of her being “in the world” – we’ve tried to provide her with a comfy, happy, safe little nest and I just keep wondering if it’s too soon to send her out into the world where kids can not only be mean, but where some of them, even by elementary school, have seen and heard more than I ever want her to. Have we made sure she’s equipped and ready for the “real world”??  But I’m pretty sure you feel like that no matter how old your kids are. I am sure all the mommas I saw in Target yesterday, who were buying cleaning supplies, lamps and groceries for their kids’ first college apartments were probably feeling exactly the same way. And so, this morning, I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that all we can do is the best we can and we have to pray and trust the Lord with it.

We opted to the do the half day Pre-K program, and its from 7:50-10:50 every morning. The having to get up so early is going to be an adjustment for all of us.

Because this morning was special, we did a little Back-to-School breakfast. DSC_6970

DSC_6988We’d invited everybody to drop by and see AB before her first day and to have some breakfast. DSC_6991

I did all of AB’s favorite breakfast things… heart shaped pancakes, bacon, sausage, strawberries with whipped cream and Dunkin Donuts Powdered sugar Munchkins.DSC_6985 DW got up early and cooked the bacon and sausage while I got the other stuff ready.

We woke our girl up a little before 7:00 and she was not excited about getting out of bed! I think by Thursday, she’s going to be done with this getting up early business. I KNOW I will!  :)

After breakfast, and all her guests had dropped by, we took a few more pictures…DSC_7000



The school drop off was crazy busy- there were cars parked EVERYWHERE.

DSC_6950We got there right at 7:50, so I can’t imagine how crazy it was earlier than that. We got to her room, and she hung her backpack in her cubby. 2Then she got her nametag and hugged us all goodbye. 1


DW and I lingered as long as we could, and then we stood outside and watched through the door. :)

As we were pulling off, I told him that I was pretty sure if she’d acted the tiniest bit like she didn’t want to stay, we would have been Pre-K dropouts on the first day.

Mamie and I counted down the minutes until it was time to go back to the school to pick AB up. We were 10 minutes EARLY and that’s saying A LOT for me. :)

AB was all smiles when we got there and was excited to tell us all about her first day. 6She said her favorite part was seeing the lunchroom. Apparently they took a tour of the school campus and the lunchroom made quite an impression. Last night she told us she was most excited to play on the playground. Sadly, for our girl, she won’t get to do the lunchroom or the playground, since all that happens after her 10:50 check out time. I think there’s going to be lots of other things she loves about school though.

It was a great first day and I know there were lots of family and friends praying me through it this morning. :)

After lunch, we went to be fitted for new ballet slippers, because dance starts back this afternoon, too!

I think we’ll ALL be in bed early tonight!


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Carrie said...

I love all these sweet pictures! Annabelle was such a doll on the first day of school. I know she was excited :) Hard to believe we are mommas to BIG girls these days!!!