Monday, June 13, 2016

Last Day of School 2016

I can’t believe the end of first grade has already come. IMG_8371

The year flew by faster than any before. It feels like we just started Pre-K and it’s hard to believe that come August, AB will start her last year at our little elementary school, before moving up to the “big” one and that Mamie will start school, too!

The first grade classes had awards ceremonies in their classrooms at 8:30. This made for a hectic morning, especially because I had a surprise to get in place after I dropped AB off, and I had to get back to her classroom by 7:30.

I got the “Walk of Fame” idea from a blog I read and it was such a hit and worth all the rushing around that morning. IMG_8375

I made it to her class with two minutes to spare only to find out they’d started early and I had already missed AB getting her award. :( IMG_8464IMG_8378 DW, Grammy & Nie-Nie were all there to see it, though.

Two minutes later the awards were over and we could check our kids out early. We took a few pictures and then headed home. IMG_8387IMG_8396IMG_8398IMG_8390We’d planned for Emma to come home with us and both the girls were super excited when we pulled up the driveway and they saw balloons, a banner, and their “walk of fames.” IMG_8403IMG_8406IMG_8411

They each walked down reading all of their accomplishments with the biggest smiles all while holding their heads up a little higher. It was precious.


Then they ran through the banner and welcomed SUMMER!


The girls played all morning and then when DW got home for lunch, we took them to their favorite, Chick-fil-A. IMG_8467IMG_8470We ended our lunch outing at Yogurtology. The girls didn’t think the day could get any better, but the fun wasn’t over it.

We spent the afternoon at Pappy’s pool swimming and having all their favorite snacks with an “Aloha First Grade” theme. IMG_8533IMG_8474IMG_8495IMG_8490

I’m pretty sure we started a tradition that will be so much fun on the last day of school every year. I’m also certain AB will have no problem relaxing and taking it easy this summer. Ha. IMG_8539

Welcome, Summer! Be good to us, we don’t have much time with you this year! ;)


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