Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The big 5-0h!

Nie-Nie turned 50 at the beginning of June, and a par-tay was in order. 13319854_832164583584869_2242178504981937528_nIMG_8168
She’s not big on surprises, so Pappy told her we were having a “50th Fiesta” and that was about the extent of it. We invited her siblings, all of us, and a few close friends. We knew it if we’d invited everyone she knows and loves and who knows and loves her, we’d have a pile of people, and a huge crowd, and this time it was better to keep things on the small side. 
We searched high and low for a taco truck, and finally found one in Lady Lake. We took a drive down one afternoon to give it a taste test, and almost hired the people on the spot. Poppy’s was just what we were looking for and thankfully once we decided on them, they were available and willing to make the drive down for the party.
We also rented a frozen margarita machine, which was a huge hit. It was 900 degrees outside, so the frozen strawberry daiquiris were a hit from the youngest to the oldest. IMG_8161
The invite encouraged everyone to dress in theme, but only a few of us did it. IMG_8184
I borrowed a friend’s top and girls’ dresses for our outfits, and borrowed another friend’s son’s sombrero for Tucker. (Apparantly our flower head bands made us look like hippies, though, which is totally not what I was shooting for. Ha.) DW is the only one who didn’t have something authentic to wear. I couldn’t find a poncho for him anywhere, and I looked at several gas stations. Ha. But the morning of the party, I ran in Family Dollar to pick up a plastic trash can to mix the daiquiri mix in and found this rug that looked like a Mexican print and cut a hole in it for his head. Instant poncho. He’s the best sport that ever walked the face of this earth. I know most men would have thrown down if their wife asked them to dress up in the first place, and then on top of it to wear a rug. He is hands down the best. EVER. IMG_8189

It was a fun night and I think Nie-Nie felt all the love and very celebrated!

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