Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Randoms

We’ve spent a lot of time at Pappy’s pool so far this summer. We’ve been lots of afternoons during the week, several nights after dinner and it’s the best place on weekend afternoons if we’re home. IMG_8319IMG_9873
DW is always the most popular at the pool with our littles. He’s always catching one, throwing one, or got two hanging on while he’s racing the other one to the other side. IMG_8248IMG_9796IMG_8209
I used to think their preference for him in the water was because the felt safer with him, but I’m pretty sure it’s the craziness that he encourages and participates in that keeps him at top of their fun-list. Ha.

I keep saying it, but it really has been the summer-of-the-goggles for Mamie. (and she ALWAYS, no matter what, wears them upside down. IMG_8199
Pool days always lead to the best naps, too. I found Mames asleep like this one afternoon after a couple hours of swimming. IMG_8558Bless her heart, her little toes were raw from rubbing the concrete.
Someone tried on Grammy’s reading glasses and thought he was so funny…
At the end of the school year, at our house, there’s always a big prize if you’ve had a good year. AB got all purple and green behavior and straight A’s, so a prize was definitely in order! Last year, she got her kayak, this year she got a mermaid tail. The day it came in, we had to try it on!
We ran into the Chick-fil-A cow one day at the mall. Tucker loved him and kept trying to give him a high-5. We’ve got to get that boy back to Disney World.
We’ve celebrated a lot so far in the month of June. Several birthdays, including dinner out one night for Nen’s 31st. Raise your hand if you knew chef pants look like pajama bottoms/scrubs? I did not, and I was so confused when the chef came out playing a saxophone in his pajama bottoms.
AB and I met Carrie & Allie in Lake City one week night to celebrate Carrie’s bday early. The girls had the best time. IMG_9944We took them to Claire’s and Bath & Body Works after dinner,  and I think they both declared it the best night ever. I can’t figure out how to get this pic back to color…???IMG_9948
At the beginning of the month, we also celebrated my cousin’s oldest daughter’s graduation. Sara always throws the best parties, and this one was no exception. I wish I’d taken pictures of every little detail. Of course my kids’ favorite was the candy bar with all the personalized M&M’s, cookies, & Hershey kisses that they got to stuff a bag and bring home with them. :)  The only pictures we took were in the photo booth…IMG_8194
June’s almost over! Crazy!

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