Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

We had a fantastic Memorial Day at the beach, again this year.

For the past two years, Pappy’s been loading watermelons on Memorial Day and we’ve gotten to be his fill-in’s at the beach… a job we never mind doing! ;)IMG_7470

Most schools were getting out before Memorial Day and we still have another week and a half to go after, so a long weekend at the beach made knowing we still had school left a little easier to take. On our way through the forest, we saw a big mama bear on side of the road. So neat. We’ve seen them crossing before and even saw bear cubs before, but never one just sitting there.


We had the best weekend playing in the waves, sand, and pool. IMG_7486IMG_7476

Saturday morning we walked down to the pier for breakfast, which is always a favorite. IMG_7499IMG_7520IMG_7522You have to go early to beat the crowd, but that’s never a problem, because our crew always seem to be early risers at the beach. IMG_7575IMG_7559



Our beach days are typically the same – start early on the beach and work our way to the pool. We go in around 1:30 and get everyone a nap and then out to dinner early to beat the crowd. Beating the crowd seems to be a thing for us. :)IMG_7754

Aunt Catfish is a one of our crew’s favorite. IMG_7708There’s always a wait there, though, no matter how early you go. The cinnamon rolls are worth the wait though. TDW loves him some grits.IMG_7684 His momma (and mine) couldn’t be more proud. Mamie takes after her daddy (and his) and always wants a cup of clam chowder. IMG_7690



With the long weekend, we got two full days of fun! The kids woke up ready to go for day 2 around 6:30 am. That called for a Krispy Kreme run, first. ;)DSC_6220DSC_6234DSC_6338DSC_6318


After Sunday afternoon naps, we headed out for dinner and ended up at the park afterward! DSC_6348DSC_6384DSC_6393


After the park fun, we changed the kids’ clothes and went down to the ponce inlet beach park and took some pictures of them. DSC_6406





The next morning, DW took the kids to the pool while I packed us up. We stopped by Chick-fil-A for some lunch on our way out and I loved that they had a “missing man” table set to honor the veterans who’d all died in service to our country. It was the perfect opportunity to talk to the kids about what Memorial Day really means and put an emphasis on our gratitude.

It was a great weekend and we ended it with dinner at Grammy & Pop’s on Monday night. Only a grandmother would let this one walk around the house with a piece of juicy, sticky watermelon. Grammy’s white kitchen wasn’t white for long. IMG_8090


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