Friday, August 12, 2016

Back to School 2016

Just when I feel like we’ve gotten in the swing of the whole AB being in school thing, life throws in some change and it’s time for Mamie to start too! Oh man. Have I ever mentioned I’m not the biggest fan of change?

Mamie has been so excited about it, though, and I know it will be really good for her. So I’m excited, too.

Like all the years before, we back-to-school shopped with Grammy on one of her last Fridays off. When we got home the girls had to try on all their new cloths and shoes. It was the cutest.IMG_4479 I used to love going back to school shopping, too. On the hour-long drive home, I’d always pull all the bags up front and go through it all again. I love that my girls are like that, too. ;)

Nie-Nie also took them shopping and to a movie on one of our last days of summer break. It’s a tradition Mamie was super excited to be a part of this year.

DW & I took them to buy school supplies IMG_4034and I almost had the ugly cry right there next to the crayons when I thought about leaving little Mames on her first day. I was sad about AB starting Pre-K, but I wasn’t nearly as nervous for her as I was for Mamie.

I can’t believe we bought a Kindermat! IMG_4038I remember having one in Kindergarten. AB only did half a day of Pre-K, so we didn’t have to buy her one, because she didn’t nap at school.

We also bought the supplies for the Stuff the Bus event that week, using the girls lemonade stand money. They spent 1/3 of their money for this cause (the other 1/3 went to VBS missions offering and they saved the other 1/3). IMG_4053They were so excited to buy all those supplies, but even more happy to carry them on the bus themselves to “stuff” it! IMG_4061IMG_4065

School started on a Wednesday this year. It was weird starting in the middle of the week, but it did give us a couple days to get a few extra things done, like a back to school treat for the teachers, and have our backpacks, lunchbox containers & nap mat monogrammed… because PRIORITIES. ;) IMG_4221IMG_4224IMG_4244DSC_6729

We didn’t get to have the girls’ nails done with Ms. Franne like last year, but I tried my hand at painting them, and they turned out super cute. High-five, self. ;)IMG_4346

I always start the year strong, organized and ready. (It lasts about two weeks and then I’m slapping a PB&J together, and we’re running out the door, five minutes late & I’m signing the daily folder while waiting in the drop-off line. Ha.) 

We had our annual pictures on the porch and ‘First Day’ big breakfast before it was time to drop the girls off.



DW came with us, which always makes the first day that much more special. IMG_4265

We walked AB to her class first…  DSC_6713IMG_4273We are so excited about her teachers again, this year. Both seem so wonderful and I think they will be a perfect fit for our second grader. IMG_4274 

Mamie was up next.DSC_6711 Her Pre-K class starts their day every morning in the cafeteria. IMG_4290All the students eat breakfast for free, so they are all encouraged to get a tray and eat something. Mames was excited to walk through the line and make her selections. IMG_4279We sat with her for a while and then DW peeled me away. Ha. We are so thrilled that Maybree’s Pre-K teacher is Mrs. L, who was also AB’s. IMG_4284We adore her and feel one hundred percent comfortable leaving Mamie in her care, not to mention the assistant in the class is also married to one of DW’s cousins. It’s a great fit for Maybree and I know it’s going to be a wonderful year full of learning and growing. We’re excited to see the academic progress and little friends she will make. 

Tucker didn’t really know what to think about the girls not being home all day. He’d ask about them every 30 minutes or so. “Where’s the ‘grails’ at, Momma?” We passed the time by having a lunch date at Mexico with Daddy, and I think he could get used to not having to share the cheese dip. IMG_4309

He also got a fun surprise package in the mail from Grandma. This made his day, and helped pass the time, too! IMG_4355

That afternoon, we picked both girls up and they were both all smiles. AB’s favorite part is being a safety ranger and she’s already laid down the law that she HAS to be at school early every morning, and we CANNOT be late. We’ll see how that goes. ;)

It’s going to be a great school year! DSC_6695


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