Friday, August 5, 2016

Ending Summer

The last thing the girls had really wanted to do this summer was to get their own library cards.
We made a trip, one afternoon to the library and signed them up. IMG_4205
They thought they were so big signing their cards, and getting to check out books all by themselves.
The library ladies even let them pick out a handmade book bag. A local lady sews them for the kids in the community and when they sign up for a card, they get to pick one. So sweet, and a great way to help them keep up with their books.
They both got back to school haircuts and had dentist appointments, too, to get all ready for school! We’ve done back-to-school shopping with Grammy and Nie-Nie took them to pick out a few things, too. I think we're all ready for the big first day!

Tucker sure is going to miss not having them at home when it rolls around, though! IMG_4047IMG_4015

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