Monday, August 1, 2016

Tucker Turns TWO!

One of the beautiful things about having more than one child and knowing for sure when you’ve had your very last baby, is that by that last one you are fully aware of just how fast everything goes. I feel like you drink it all in so much more knowing how quickly it will be gone. That’s the case for us, anyway. 

We knew Tucker would be our last, before we even knew he was a boy. Of course I begged God for another boy, but I’d also come to the point where I knew I wanted another baby, either way, boy or girl, to complete our family. I’ll never get over the fact that God answered those prayers and the baby turned out to be a BOY, and our Tuckey.

It’s hard to believe that two years has gone by since we first laid eyes on all that hair and those chubby cheeks (and also silently wondered WHERE that BIG & hairy baby came from) ha!

At two years old, Tucker:

- takes one nap a day. (Usually a 2 1/2 – 3 hour one)

- Still has a paci (he’s the baby, and although Daddy is on me big time ditch it, I can’t seem to push it right now), he sleeps with his silky and his bull, sometimes a deer and Mickey Mouse make the cut, but always silky and bull.

- has a huge love for his sisters. He calls them “girls” except it sounds like “grails.” Sometimes they drive him crazy bossing him around and taking his toys, but for the most part they all play well together. He calls AB, “Belle-Belle” and Maybree, “Mamie.”

- he would stay outside all day. He loves to be outside!

- his favorite snacks are goldfish and fruit. He likes meat and starches, like most meat & potato men, but will do a mean-dance if you say the donut word. That boy LOVES a donut….I’m not even kidding, he breaks out into a little jig if he’s fixing to get one. It’s the cutest, and also the reason we knew Donuts for his birthday was a must.

- loves tractors and heavy equipment more than anything. It still cracks me up how good he is at knowing what everything is. He’s always pointing out equipment if he sees it while we’re in the car, and he’ll tell the girls, “LOOK, Grails! Dat’s called a ex-vator” or whatever it might be that he sees.

- he can whisper, and it’s hilarious. His whispers get REALLY loud in church, though, when he needs a certain piece of equipment and I can’t dig it out of the diaper bag fast enough or even worse, didn’t pack said piece. It get’s REAL up in balcony of the FUMC church when brother needs his “woader” and momma can’t produce it.

- loves going to his grandparents’ houses. At Grammy & Pop’s he knows where the Capri-Suns (“Sun-Suns”) are and they keep the drink-fridge fully stocked for him and his sisters. He also loves his sandbox and the platform swing at their house, and driving his Jeep all over their yard, while loading down the back with rocks from their driveway. At Pappy & Nie-Nie’s he goes straight for the candy jar and gets a Dum-Dum. He’ll go through four or five (after eating a little of it, he’ll say – “did trash” throw it away and get another one)- you know typical grandkid stuff that doesn’t fly at home. Ha. He knows right where Nie-Nie keeps the tractors and dumptrucks because, of course, she has a tub of them at her house, too.

- He knows all his colors, but still gets confused with brown and black sometimes.

- Knows some numbers, and can count off (I say, “1” then he says “2” and so on, all the way to 10)

- talks up a storm. Most words are understandable and he blows us away with how much he comprehends. It’s so fun to have conversations with him, and so much easier knowing what he wants. There’s still times it takes me a few tries to understand a word, but 90% of the time, it’s clear. Of the four of our children, I’d say he’s definitely the most advanced with his speech. I’m saying its a result of two big sisters who talk A LOT. Ha.

- loves four wheeler, gator and golf-cart rides.

- has recently become a really interested reader. Before, he’d never sit still for an entire book, but now he loves to sit and read. It’s a shocker, I’m sure, but most of his books are about construction equipment and cows.

- his favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also loves his John Deere movies and the occasional Elmo DVD. There’s a Mickey Mouse episode set on a farm and Mickey drives a tractor, and it’s his absolute favorite. We watch it MULTIPLE times a day. (I’ll never understand how kids can do that).  He also likes watching tractor videos on YouTube. We watch a lot of Blippi, and I am still trying to plan how I could follow the farm crew around and video them and make our own videos, because sometimes, the YouTube ones are just plain creepy.

Our birthday boy is loved beyond all measure and we are so, so thankful for him.


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