Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dumptrucks & Donuts

Tucker turned two on August 1st! He woke up on his birthday at Nie-Nie & Pappy’s house, because DW & I were headed home from our cruise that day.

I had major mom guilt over the whole thing, but Nie-Nie was so great and had a fun breakfast for him which made the morning that much more special. IMG_3987She was also sweet enough to text pictures right away! IMG_3988

That evening, we celebrated some more at dinner with Grammy & Pop and a trip to Toys R Us. IMG_3968IMG_3982

For his party, we planned a little breakfast on the Sunday morning after his birthday. The theme was “Dumptrucks & Donuts” because those are two of his most favorite things. We cooked a big breakfast and had all the family over before church to celebrate. I did minimal decorating, but had to do a little something to make it festive. :)IMG_4077IMG_4086IMG_4091IMG_4095


For his cake, we just had Krispy Kreme donuts. DW made an early morning run to get fresh ones. IMG_4103IMG_4101IMG_4115

When he went to blow out the candles, one of them fell off and brushed his arm. He screamed, I screamed- it was super scary, and thankfully he wasn’t burned badly. He had a little red mark, but I’m positive it was enough to make him scared of candles from here on out.

We opened presents last and he had a big time doing that. With every present he opened, he’d say, “WOOOOOWWW!!!!” IMG_4143IMG_4147IMG_4159

We sent our family home with mini-dumptrucks and “rocks” (chocolate covered peanuts). IMG_4075

It was a sweet morning celebrating our littlest love, and he racked up with all his favorite things…plenty of tractors and dump trucks! DSC_6677


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