Friday, July 13, 2012

Wedding Weekend

The middle of June, we headed up to South Georgia for DW’s cousin’s wedding.

Addy was a beautiful bride and her wedding was just as gorgeous.

The guys worked until lunch on Friday and then we loaded up in Nen’s Tahoe headed north.

We got to my MIL’s house around 4:00. We got settled in and changed and then headed into town for the rehearsal dinner. DSC_8153

We arrived before the wedding party, and in the garage we saw this old truck parked. It was beautiful. Addy & Daniel rode away from the reception in it! Love. We took some pictures of AB with it…DSC_8178


Addy’s husband’s family did such a nice job with the rehearsal dinner.

They had decorated with a beach theme and the food was delicious.DSC_8188 Dessert was probably my favorite (imagine that) – but it was seriously one of the best pecan pies I have ever had and they served this chocolate/caramel scoop of ice cream on top of it… it was SO good. DSC_8170

Grandma & G-Pa with the girls @ rehearsal dinner

I loved when the pastor prayed that evening, he thanked God for everyone there, and in his prayer he pointed out that that exact group of people would never come together again, except for this occasion. I don’t know why, but I loved that. It just made it seem that much more special. We enjoyed getting to meet many friends of the family up there and also visiting with part of the extended family that we don’t get to see often.

The next day, we enjoyed a lazy morning around Grandma’s pool! I figured we would have last minute wedding things to do…programs to fold, ribbons to tie…SOMETHING… but nope, everything was done. Those guys were on top of it. :)DSC_8213

AB’s favorite thing to do this summer is SWIM, so she had a great time!

DSC_8210 “Grandma & G-Pa” have certainly made their own little paradise for relaxing and having a good time.DSC_8272 Their pool is area is so fun. DSC_8200I’ve always loved the view from their backyard. DW’s grandfather lives on one side and his uncle & aunt live on the other, so they all get to enjoy the view of the farm. DSC_8233

For lunch, we got some Jan’s fried chicken. It’s tradition when we go to Georgia. After we were full on that, we got ready for the wedding.

The ceremony was held at the Presbyterian church and it was beautiful. DSC_8298

I loved the “A & D” moss letters hanging on the door! & NOT JUST because they are mine & my love’s initials, too. :)  ha…

Addy’s colors were aqua and apricot. She chose the prettiest bridesmaids dresses! Everything was beautiful. DSC_8301

Flowers in the church

The ceremony was very sweet and after the new couple was introduced as Mr. & Mrs., we headed to the country club for the reception.

It was also really nice and fun. DSC_8304

Addy & Daniel did such an impressive job on their first dance.


They weren’t the only ones who danced, though… Nen & AB cut loose, too. DSC_8315


Adam & DW with their Papa



The whole crew (except my big head is blocking AB…)


Wedding Cake!


Annabelle & Maybree’s first wedding – probably one of very few things they’ll get to experience for the FIRST time TOGETHER. :)

I looked out at the golf course and thought, “Oh, how cute those pictures are going to turn out” before I realized it was Addy & the bridal party! Aren’t the colored parasails the cutest?!?!?


Just like at the rehearsal dinner, we enjoyed seeing lots of my mother-in-law’s extended family, who we don’t get to see very often.

As we were leaving, we got to see Addy & Daniel taking pictures with the truck! So cute… it even had tin cans tied to the back! Love it. DSC_8349

We all hated that we didn’t get to stay to see them drive away, but we were headed back home that night, so we had to hit the road.

It was a fun wedding weekend. There’s nothing like a wedding. (Unless you’re a guy of course…) :)


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Arielle said...

I love that getaway truck:) $ that yellow dress you wore to the rehearsal dinner is cute!