Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blue Run x 2

The week before Memorial Day, DW saw that no one was on the calendar for the river house, so we decided to go for the long weekend. My Dad had just gotten back the day before from a three week long work trip, so we invited he and my mom down with us. Beach 2012 013

AB had a big time floating, swimming, & riding on the boat!Bluerun 2011 005

DSC_7738 Mamie enjoyed being held. :) DSC_7791


The rest of us enjoyed the peacefulness of the river, the refreshing cold water and of course, good food.



No trip would be complete without a little work, though…so DW and my Dad washed the boat. I still can’t believe they stood in all that grass where the SNAKES are…eeekk..DSC_7821

It was only two weeks later when it was our family’s scheduled summer week. We were all back and forth the whole time, but we had lots of fun soaking up the sun and cooling off in the always freezing cold water. :) And of course, we enjoyed good food.

A few things about this year’s week:

- We celebrated Nie-Nie’s birthday. DSC_8073I made the birthday cake and it ended up looking like Kermit the Frog’s wedding cake, but it tasted excellent. The bottom layer was a rice Krispy treat covered with butter cream icing. What is better than a rice Krispy treat, you ask? A rice Krispy treat with buttercream icing, that’s what. :)

- We rode the boats. (Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen’s and the Float Boat)DSC_8082


- We ate at the Blue Gator…twice…


- We took our traditional river baths. This year AB got in on the action and had her hair washed in the river for the very fist time. She thought she was BIG stuff! DSCN4722

- She also swung off a rope for the first time.



- We laid out



- We fished…DSC_7836

We played in the water…Bluerun 2011 013


Bluerun 2011 015

- We floated…DSCN4829


- We took sink baths. (Well, Mamie & AB did…) :)


- We hung out inside…DSC_8123

& outside…


- We watched the sunset from the boat…DSCN4708

- We took silly self portraits…



- We played with cousins…DSC_8112

- We ate donuts for breakfast…DSC_8076

- We caught a mudbug (crawfish)…DSCN4694

- We caught butterflies & lizards…(& looked adorable while doing it)DSC_7759

- We took underwater pictures…


& the last thing we did was…

Celebrate Kelsey’s 18th birthday!!! DSC_8486We had a surprise party for her with a few of her friends…Tropical Storm Debby also came to the party, but it was still fun! :)


I saw candy kabobs on Pinterest, so Kellee and I copied those for the party.


Fun times with family and friends- that’s what Blue Run always is for us. No wonder we all love it like we do.



Mallory said...

Blue Run looks like SO much fun!! I love all of your pictures, AB sure is growing!! Love the underwater picture! :)

Mary said...

Awesome family pics. Love 'em! I think it's great that ya'll spend so much quality family time together.

Carrie said...

What fun, friend! No wonder we haven't seen y'all in over a month :) I love all the sweet pictures of the girls!

Crystal said...

I love AB fishing, and I also think it's hilarious that it looks like she's being bathed with Dawn dish soap, HA!!!