Thursday, July 26, 2012

A week with the brother…

My brother and sister-in-law came down the last part of June. We had a great week and got to do a few fun things with them.

They came over to our house on Saturday afternoon and the kids all played. AB and Garrett were SO excited to see each other. They’re precious together. Garrett told us all week that Annabelle and Maybree were his best friends. :)

On Sunday, we met up with the crew at the water park after church.

The kids all had a great time. DSC_8589

Beau & Kristy, Dylan, Caroline & Garrett

Even Granny came! DSC_8592Growing up, my grandparents did everything with us. I don’t remember a trip or event that they weren’t a part of.  Even when Cooper was a baby and my Granny was able to get around well, she was always right there with us. That’s one of the hardest things about watching your grandparents age…that they just can’t do what they used to and there are so many things that Granny misses out on with us. We try to plan things she can do, though, and even though it’s hard for her to get out, I know she enjoys to do it occasionally. :)  She’s usually just ready to go after about an hour! Ha. Momma & Daddy drove separate, so they could take her home when she was ready. She enjoyed getting her feet wet in the wading pool and watching all the kids splash and play.

Mom invited my Aunt & cousin, too, and Beau’s friend Ben and his family also came. There was a pile of us!

We had a whole tent to ourselves. DSC_8593We had snacks and drinks and everything you need to have a fun afternoon. :)

AB was a FISH – she SWAM around the lazy river. DSC_8554It’s only 3 feet deep, so she would stand up and take a break, and then take off swimming again. DSC_8548

She shocked us all when she went down the water slide.DSC_8556

Uncle Beau took her up

DSC_8561 and DW was waiting at the bottom to catch her. DSC_8571

As shocked as we all were by HER going down the waterslide, I nearly caused everyone to choke, when I said I was going to do it. Beau went first and then I was next. DSC_8525I didn’t want to get my hair wet, so he waited at the bottom to try to catch me before I went under. If this had been 20 years ago, he would have been waiting down there to push me under himself. :)DSC_8534


AB & Pop watching everyone go down the slide…



We played for a few hours and then headed home. We met back up at Granny’s to grill for supper.

The kids played in the yard, which is AB’s favorite thing to do at Great Granny’s. She loves to play hide & seek! DSC_8613


We had supper and then homemade peach ice cream. DSC_8650

When it got dark, Beau shot off fireworks that he’d brought. They were really good ones, too!

Such a fun filled day!



Aunt B said...

It just doesn't get any better does it ??

Aunt B said...
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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! What a great time I know y'all had!!! I especially love that your brother was there to catch you after the water slide!! I have to know though..did he actually catch you?